Tuesday, July 7, 2015

camera catch-up

even though
i am blogging sporadically
at best
the intention is always there
and the camera proves it

the pictures it holds
aren't of family splashing in the pool
no...not those
i am firmly footed 
in the moment
and for me
the lens distracts
much like those stupid
smart phones
(but that's another post entirely
ha! yeah, right!)

the pictures in my camera
tell a story
or rather an intended story
of an outdoor concert
that found all those who braved the conditions
donning colorful tent-like ponchos
and even bigger smiles

that's not a flash

just as i got the shot
the stage lights
lit my gang up like that deer
in the headlights

there are rainy day fashion pics
that i wanted to share here
like a 
what to wear to an outdoor concert when it rains 

it was going to be so good

another day
another time

some day 
in the future
when i am reminiscent
i can see myself sifting through
the many pictures wondering 
who half the people are

i have no idea
but they sure know how to dress
in the rain

moving forward
or rather scrolling forward
so many pictures
so little space...

i may have mentioned
our home is
an air-condition free environment

doors and windows are 
wide open

sounds of life
fill my space

and a finished pool deck


between the raindrops

this past weekend
was very nice
and allowed me to 
get the outdoor furniture
out of storage
and i declared it officially summer

about that rain...

not weed
to combat that dreaded
MI State bird...
the mosquito.

the plants are
with it

this has been an amazing
year for the
and they are loving my milkweed

from weed to cupboard...

this was going to be a post
removing the gunk
that accumulates
and in the humid weather
almost grabs hold of you
as you try to open the

my old friend
you are dearly missed

tried goo gone
the rag says win
but the continued stickiness said

googled this recipe

a homeopathic remedy
blending oil with baking soda
and elbow grease
maybe too much so

the after

after i gave it a spray of windex
to polish it it off?!
where was that smart phone when i needed it?
yeah i successfully
stripped the varnish off
and stained them windex blue
not cool

adding paint cupboards to the
to-do list

what's next?

ping pong

stands at the ready
on our driveway

you know you're a redneck when...

grabbing fun whenever 
the sun makes its brief 

our badminton court
with painted boundary lines
we are a competitive group

had to start serious training 
when my sister told me
her husband
my greatest rival
has been practicing

we (ha!)
are a competitive group ;)

i think that just about
does it

we are all caught up

hopefully i will be back before

until then
my camera will
be there to
hold the story