Sunday, October 27, 2013

"pull and pray"

i get it...
jen's only gonna post when
she has a revelation to 

is that what you're thinking?

once a week wisdom?

believe me...
i'll take it!

you'd be wrong 
notice the quotation marks?
i am quoting 
a wise young man here.

my (now) fifteen-year-old james
who got a re-curve bow
for his birthday

did his eyes light up
when he opened that gift.
during a recent walk
at wildwood metropark
he told me that as much as he enjoyed
a crossbow for Christmas
he wished he had an old school
i filed it away.
when he opened his gift
he was completely
(love when that happens!)

today's post
is all about his first shot.
i had to document the occasion
who knows
he might just be the next
top-shot contestant...
who knows...
am i right!?

there's just something special
about a boy
in the great outdoors
with visions of 
the hunt...


he does not come 
from a long line of hunters.
another quote
"i can't imagine killing a deer
because every time
i'd look in their eyes
i'd see buddy's (his dog) eyes
and i 
couldn't do it."

believe me
i  completely

target shooting it is!



"pull and pray"


that's how james
described his
method of shooting.

maybe there is
a revelation in there

happy birthday
sweet baby james!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

brief clarity

those moments of revelation
where a truth comes to you
like a whisper
that could be missed
 if you weren't fully present and tuned in
but this time
this time
 you hear

and you see clearly
what has been revealed
like any good student
you want to share it with others
those who may have already heard or seen it
it is new to you and you can't be quiet
this realization is too big
to hold onto

your joy comes from 
a truth
that could slip away if you didn't
sit with it
and give it time to 
be fully known to you
so that you can be
an instrument
stumbling forward
with mere words
to explain
that each breath you take
every song you sing
every seed you sow
every meal you prepare
every word uttered in love
the hugs 
the kisses
that which is made with your own two hands
at work
at play
scrubbing dishes
  cleaning toilets
accepting help from others
giving to those in need

the tears
the laughter
the very joy that started it all
has brought new understanding
that this life you live
each step of the journey

is the worship.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

and so it goes

The shifting of the earth
the old-new angle of the sun

the cold that has you hitting the snooze button 
not wanting to leave your little
 under cover

the subtle changes
that give way to flannel

a bittersweet time

looking to the apple fritters and cider
remembering peach pie and iced tea
shorts and tank tops

swimming pools are stored away
rakes and sleds are nudged forward

the garden slows
tomatoes and cucumbers

give a nod to the
cabbage and brussel sprouts

summer's glory
autumn's splendor

the shifting of
the food we eat
the activities that fill our days
almost scrambling 
those things that must be done
that should have been done
in the warmer sun

wondering how I managed
so long without a cast-iron skillet
to scoop
blackberry pie
pineapple up-side-down
chocolate chip cookie
into a bowl
of gooey goodness
huddled under a blanket
giving way to
sweet sleep
while watching 
Modern Family
Mountain Men.

and so it goes...

Friday, October 4, 2013

this moment

right outside my door

Not something I see 
A sighting I wanted to share
with all my
Soule friends.

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

inspiration :: simple tablecloth

Bless her.
Mom invited my gang over for dinner.
cantina bowls...
extra special for the fact
that I had a
work-away-from-home day
and nothing planned for our evening meal.
Mom to the rescue.
Bless her.

After dinner
I spied this book sitting on
her shelf
and found myself staring at that dreamy cover
 craving that kind of
simple beauty.
it is a cookbook
but the pictures are captivating
and they drew me into
that Gooseberry Patch world
that I want to live in.

So I started
the tablecloth...
a place mat kind of girl
I studied the picture
the striped cloth that revealed the
wood top at the ends
the break was just right
in that it didn't hit the chair seats
and it wouldn't pull when one
tried to actually sit
at it.

Mission accomplished!

With the simplicity and ease
of sewing this topper
I now envision designs for
Fourth of July
it instantly brought warmth
and personality
to the room

A simple change
that has a big impact
on the vibe
of our dining space.
Yep...copied the look
right down to the black-eyed Susan
(Yes, Rosebud, those are the exact
flowers on your table...
another place that inspires me!)

This post wouldn't be complete
without a 
thanks to mom
for a wonderful meal
(and foot rub)
for instilling that
love for books.
Especially the ones with pictures!

"Here's another one...
take them both home with you."

Aren't mom's the best!?

I'm feeling
 a plaid woolen blanket...
a bushel basket of just-picked apples...
a moss-green painted table
with bale-of-hay seating
coming on.

Thanks, mom!