Wednesday, October 2, 2013

inspiration :: simple tablecloth

Bless her.
Mom invited my gang over for dinner.
cantina bowls...
extra special for the fact
that I had a
work-away-from-home day
and nothing planned for our evening meal.
Mom to the rescue.
Bless her.

After dinner
I spied this book sitting on
her shelf
and found myself staring at that dreamy cover
 craving that kind of
simple beauty.
it is a cookbook
but the pictures are captivating
and they drew me into
that Gooseberry Patch world
that I want to live in.

So I started
the tablecloth...
a place mat kind of girl
I studied the picture
the striped cloth that revealed the
wood top at the ends
the break was just right
in that it didn't hit the chair seats
and it wouldn't pull when one
tried to actually sit
at it.

Mission accomplished!

With the simplicity and ease
of sewing this topper
I now envision designs for
Fourth of July
it instantly brought warmth
and personality
to the room

A simple change
that has a big impact
on the vibe
of our dining space.
Yep...copied the look
right down to the black-eyed Susan
(Yes, Rosebud, those are the exact
flowers on your table...
another place that inspires me!)

This post wouldn't be complete
without a 
thanks to mom
for a wonderful meal
(and foot rub)
for instilling that
love for books.
Especially the ones with pictures!

"Here's another one...
take them both home with you."

Aren't mom's the best!?

I'm feeling
 a plaid woolen blanket...
a bushel basket of just-picked apples...
a moss-green painted table
with bale-of-hay seating
coming on.

Thanks, mom!


  1. you have a wonderful mom, makes me miss mine she was very gracious!! Love the table setting and it's the simple things that bring joy isn't it??

  2. What a lovely mom! I love tablecloths and I love yours! Thanks for sharing the beauty of these "little" things that are often forgotten.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. Did Mom tell you who gave her those beautiful books? :) They are some of my favorites...I love the photos, too. You did a great job recreating that table on the I want a tablecloth, too! It just added another level of cheer to your always cheery dining room!