Friday, December 31, 2010

Outside My Kitchen Window

Here's an old song...maybe you know the words.
I picked-up some suet at the local feed store.
The package claimed it would attract colorful songbirds.
You can imagine my surprise when I looked out
my kitchen window and saw 2 squirrels
enjoying the spread.
Not a songbird, heck...not a bird in sight!
A couple minutes later...
A friend came to join them.
And then there were 3.
Like all parties at my house they kept a'comin...
And then there were 4.
Now I'm not the type to scare off the squirrels or
to try and devise a feeder that's squirrel proof.
Hah! Like that's possible!
If you've ever watched them in action, I'm sure you'd agree...
They are living proof that if there's a will, there's a way.
Maybe I should watch the squirrels more often.
Lessons to be learned...
right outside my kitchen window.
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Fast Friends and Favorite Gift of 2010

This past summer we took care of my brother and sister-in-law's farm so they could take a much needed vacation. After a brief "training session" we were left to tend to the animals. Sounds daunting, huh?

Truth be told, we felt like we were the ones on vacation. We made some fast friends with the animals...the chickens in particular. As we got out of our Jeep each morning, they were there to greet us with their cheerful clucking. I fell in love with those chickens.

We often took family and friends along to share in our joy. On one occasion, my mom joined us and got to witness first hand those welcoming chickens, the whinnying horse, the playful goats, and Truman the cantankerous donkey. Still, there was something special about those chickens. Mom saw understood.

Now fast-forward to Christmas 2010.

Beautiful gifts...too blessed to count! Yet one stands out for its pure simplicity and for embracing the true spirit of giving.

Take a look.

Can you see the chicks in the picture?

Keep looking because this gift is too big to wrap!

It reads, "To: Jenny "The Chicken Keeper" From: Mom. I bought 10 chickens for a needy family in your name." A family in need now has daily access to food, compost, and a source of income!

The tears welled up as they do now.

Wow Mom...thank you.

Thanks for being my mom and for totally getting me.

I love you to pieces!

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Here's A Link For More Info

ELCA World Hunger - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Hip To Be Square

It's Back in time for Holiday Shopping!
The Hipster (See Dec 2009)
For a quick refresher course...I found it necessary
to re-invent the purse after a whopper
shopping spree.
Why, you ask?
Well, that darn purse kept sliding down my shoulder
and started feeling heavier than the packages I was trying to carry!
I went to the drawing board a.k.a. sewing machine
and made the first hipster.
After taking it for a test drive at the dreaded mall,
I declared it a success!
Now I am almost positive I can hear Stacy and Clinton
(of What Not To Wear)
Scream a united "NO!"
But seriously...
desperate times called for function over fashion!
Worn properly, The Hipster combines the two.
Gunslinger style...not at the waist but the says
cute and sassy...and hip!
This isn't your grandma's (dare I say it?)
fanny pack!
Let the last week of Christmas shopping begin!
Keep it happy with The Hipster!
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Peace on Earth, Good Wool To Men

No Shoes? No Skirt? No Problem!
This year, with the addition of another
tree, I found myself without an
extra tree skirt.
If you follow me at all, you know that buying
a new one is out of the question.
I can do better than that.
I went attic shopping and found this stash
of pillows that I have acquired throughout the years.
I added to my little collection and created
The Peace Pillow.
Here's the "rear view"...

You know I have a weakness for denim.

A perfect pocket for sharing little love notes or a

Christmas wish!

This particular pillow went to the shop, but I liked it

so much I made myself another.

I call this one...

Peaceful Snowflakes!

I like the look of the pillows piled under my rustic

little Christmas tree.

What are your creative alternatives to the traditional

tree skirt?

I'd love to hear from you!

Peace to all...and to all a Good Night!
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'll Be Home For Christmas

You can Count on me!
Quick story...
Just yesterday, as I was preparing to go to the shop 
to restock, the phone rang...
caller I.D. read,
Harmony in Life...
my very destination! 
Here's a brief run-down:
"Hey Jen...
all of your Christmas stockings just sold
and the woman who purchased them
was wondering if you could make her FOUR
more A.S.A.P. please!"
"No problem."
Yikes! Did I just say I could do this?
It said re-stock didn't
include a single stocking.
Back to the sewing machine.
I have to admit I love working under pressure.
I also enjoy working for someone whose only request
is to be creative...
I can do creative!
I did, however, refer to myself as the "mad stocker" all day!
Mission Accomplished!
The Moral of this Story...
Special Orders are Always Welcome!
It's reward enough to know that a family will have 
stockings in time for Santa!
I also got to meet the nice woman who purchased them.
She was happy...I was happy.
Don't you just love those happy endings?
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a Wool Christmas

Christmas Stockings
Salvaged Woolens are the epitome of
Cabin charm... adding warmth and texture to their surroundings. This is especially true when hung by the chimney with care awaiting Santa's arrival! Scalloped Stockings...
Buttoned and Striped Stockings...
Green Nordic Stockings...
What will your stocking hold? These Christmas stockings are available at Harmony in Life Main Street Sylvania, Ohio.
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Woolen Wonderland

Mission: Rescue Woolens Wild-patterned sweaters that only Bill Cosby would wear...Perfect! Moth-eaten cashmere...That's the ticket! Itch factor off the charts...Gotta have it! Find...Felt...Fashion That's what I do. I rescue those ugly, moth-eaten, itchy woolens and give them a new purpose. Leg Warmers...
Texting Gloves...
Tassel Hats...
And SO much more! The possibilities are endless. Thank you for visiting my Woolen Wonderland. Stop back soon for my newest additions. Got Wool?