Friday, December 31, 2010

Outside My Kitchen Window

Here's an old song...maybe you know the words.
I picked-up some suet at the local feed store.
The package claimed it would attract colorful songbirds.
You can imagine my surprise when I looked out
my kitchen window and saw 2 squirrels
enjoying the spread.
Not a songbird, heck...not a bird in sight!
A couple minutes later...
A friend came to join them.
And then there were 3.
Like all parties at my house they kept a'comin...
And then there were 4.
Now I'm not the type to scare off the squirrels or
to try and devise a feeder that's squirrel proof.
Hah! Like that's possible!
If you've ever watched them in action, I'm sure you'd agree...
They are living proof that if there's a will, there's a way.
Maybe I should watch the squirrels more often.
Lessons to be learned...
right outside my kitchen window.
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