Monday, June 24, 2013


Screen free
for one week.

What does that mean to me?
instead of the
"No TV week!"
of yesteryear
my new spin 
(a.k.a. twist of phrase)
takes  the 
away from what is being excluded

and the emphasis is
where it should be...
on the return.

The return to real books.
The return to quiet
The return of summer.

I have been saying
I haven't had that summer feeling
with long hours to dedicate
at the computer...
Long hours of watching Netflix...
cuz I have an addiction
to that big sixty inch.

Screens have a way of stripping
me of my calm.

Does that make sense to anyone
out there?

Which is why I have eliminated
the Kindle and even my
bedside clock radio.
They chip at my soul.

I am a firm believer 
in the old adage...
extreme times call for
extreme measures.

I want to feel each and every
long-hour of daylight
that the solstice
brought my way...
even if I get a little twitchy
I am ready to experience 
the void.

With absolutely no planned
to fill it.

This week...
I'm off-roading it.

It's going to be a bumpy ride
filled with unexpected
twists and turns
narrow escapes
smooth terrains...
I'm ready for wherever
the road takes me.

When the ride is over I will be able to say
Hello, Summer!

Won't you join me?

p.s. I can still be reached via land lines...
please take a moment to 
leave a message

See you after my trip.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Been visiting the 
site...(check out sidebar)...
where curiosity was piquing
in regards to
barefoot/minimalist footwear
approach to life and fitness

Shopping with sisters
landed me at The Shoe Dept.
where I found these babies.

Took them out for a 
test drive
early this morning
(thanks, Susie)
following a bit of online 
tester reviews
which recommended
wearing socks for awhile

Felt good.
Felt free.
Felt like a walking nerdista 
since I was so geeked-up 
about their maiden voyage.

Followed tips.
Yep...these shoes come with training tips
since many aren't used to 
the natural movement of the
foot as one walks.

Found my Bareform*
*aligned posture
*balanced mid-foot landing
with soft knees
*faster, shorter strides
with a cadence of 180 steps/ minute
(for runners).
I walked.

Follow those stickers...
all the way down to
A price that had me
at hello.

For some a grace period
is recommended...
giving your body time to adjust to
the strengthening of
unused muscles.
I went for my usual trek without
any  unwanted
side effects.
Could have something to do with
the fact that
after about 5 seconds home
they were off and I was
barefoot watering and weeding
and strolling around my 

I will keep you posted on this newest
purchase of mine and
give you a final report card
at the end
(dare I say it!)
of Summer.
Don't foresee any 
since it's walking...
as nature intended.

(Thanks, Renee&Damien@ FIMBY)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

on the look-out

for ideas.
Using my phone
like a modern day memo pad...
with pictures of
plants I want to include 
in my gardening...

fun and funky things
clever minds
come up with...
ways for creating shade
on our deck...
the umbrella above the table
does a fine job...
a cool draping above
the pergola area
has been on my mind
since we got rid of the
hot tub.
Saw this at Lowe's
left with the feeling of
I can make that!
Capture that thought...

All that idea grabbing
can make you hungry.
Chipolte's stop for three...
one opting for the nearby
Five Guys.
There's a rebel in every group!

what's on your memo pad?

Friday, June 14, 2013

~this moment~

Joining in on the fun.

I know what your thinking...
Where's his helmet?!
Me too.

This picture was taken
 with my husband's

I love how he captured the action
and the rest is a blur.

Those phones are way too

as for that helmet...

Good day to all!

Monday, June 10, 2013

cutting, eating, dancing, viewing, walking, eating (again!)

I cut my bangs with rusty
kitchen scissors

I just had my hair trimmed
but that longer bang
was driving me nuts!
Now I've got bangs
Enough said!
No picture provided.

to the rescue
I made some Thursday.
Hubby took the leftovers
and I was left with about 3 cups
of cooked macaroni only.

I needed my mac and cheese
I told you about my bangs...

Comfort was a must.
So I made a quick one-pot wonder
with what was in the frig.

The players.

Sauteed diced onion in 
1 T Earth Balance
made a roux by adding 1 T flour
slowly added 
1 C Almond milk and stirred until thick
1/4 chunk of the Daiya Havarti 
(jalapeno garlic) cheese
added the pre-made mac and heated


Really good.
Creamy goodness with a little bite.

I got to watch my girl
dance like no one was watching...

to a packed house!

That girl knew every step
arm movement
and wiggle...
and she wasn't bashful about it.

It's true when I say...
she was the best.

took me to the wall.

Walking with young men
reading the names of young men
who gave their lives for their country...
we started at one end
and as we walked
I said a prayer
included names of people
I didn't know
until I reached

Enjoyed the sites.

Enjoyed the fresh-fishy air
as we walked along the docks
and tried to 
name the countries
by their flags

Until our stomachs growled
for some
Spaghetti Warehouse.

We were downtown after all...

We were seated in the trolley!
My first time...
it felt like our own private
with a splash of sangria.

what did you do this weekend?

Friday, June 7, 2013


a list.
a bucket list.
a summer bucket list.

read about this.
loved the idea.
now my mind can't 
and i'm continually adding to mine.

let's get started.

with lots of watermelon
the real deal
 seeds and all!
how else are you going to have
a seed spitting contest?

spend the day
lazying in a hammock
with a good read
that i intend to finish
in one sitting

create a new cocktail
and share it
with friends

go ahead...
wear that bikini

be open to 
that come my way

spend some time
with an
old friend

create a backyard 
and throw a party!

what a perfect
way to spend the evening
after the party

35 DIY Ideas How To Make Your Backyard Wonderful This Summer

eat s'mores
then eat some more!

35 DIY Ideas How To Make Your Backyard Wonderful This Summer

camp out
with the girls
right in my own

yard games.

go to the drive-in.

discover the perfect pie.

start a book club.

go on a bikers weekend
(with hubby!)

a summer to

what's on your list?

Monday, June 3, 2013

take five

wandering the grocery store...

our Kroger is being
It boasts to be the 
"Biggest in the Tri-State Area"
Sounds great on screen
but most days when all I need is
some almond milk
I consider "wandering" part of my
daily exercise routine

They have stuff
you'd never expect to see in a grocery store
furniture (for in and out)
clothing (for in and out)
yesterday, they cleaned my earrings
for free...
there's a perk.

Magazines these days!

Every imaginable interest
has a mag companion
but this one takes
the cake

So I'm out gardening
near my private
God knows what under
my summer wrap

Puts a new spin on
always be prepared...
don'tcha think?

Moving on.
Made a dessert the other
just because.

All desserts
should be this pretty.
Almost a shame to eat it.
But I did.
A yummy recipe from Heather
at my 30 Day Vegan Workshop.

Being a vegan never tasted
so good.

What to do...what to do...
when your husband 
while doing you a favor
mars your freshly painted

Scream? (did my head)
Have a stiff drink? (considered it)

And no.
I'm not kidding.
While he went out
to do whatever it is he does in
the garage...
probably meditate...
I searched for 
5 minute meditations.
And found them!
Just like those magazines
I can count on You Tube
to have it covered.

Turns out 
I was in need
of 15...since I tried out
3 different videos.
One featured a female voice guiding me along 
with soft music...
but when someone tells me to 
focus on my breathing
I start to think about my breathing
and its hard to relax and let it all go...

had a calm (they're out there!) male voice
with nature sounds in the background...
again nice
but he did that whole breathing thing as well.
What up with that?

Mindfulness Bell.

I don't know what it was
about that bell
but it took me to 
my happy place
full of relaxation
and release
and forgiveness.

A wall can be fixed.
Accidents happen.

Get on with the important

highly recommended!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

hands on

for the young

I could tell you about
this beautiful orange flower.
We could find its name together.
This picture might help to visually identify it...
but to touch its crepe paper petals
would leave you breathless
with wonder.

Just for fun
we took the girls to Ann Arbor
for the Thursday night special
"Five $ after Five"

As I perused
my pictures
I found 
a different story

could be studied
 in books

I think they too
would appreciate
having their conclusions
tested and explored
"in the field"
rather than through words

hands on learning
so important for the young learner

I wonder.

My pictures
sing a new song.

Couldn't sign off without
sharing my favorite

the word wall

how I want one in my home.

A place to share ideas.
A place to create.
A place to 

in a hands on way.