Friday, July 20, 2012


I thought I had developed
an immunity
with the years...

grown a little grittier.

I started this book in May.
Finished it this morning.

It could be described as a good

Obviously, not what I would call
a gripping page turner...
when I found the time to actually
sit and read
I would be caught in
Susan Elizabeth Phillips'
little charming web.

The ending had me going
for the toilet paper roll...
actual tissues are a rarity in this house
Scott scratchy brand or paper napkins
were all I had at my disposal...
the napkins won out
due to proximity.

Dripping nose.
Puffy eyes remain for the day.

When I started this book I
scoffed at the ridiculous
opening scene...
added sidebars and heckled
with an imaginary Phillips.

The ending chapters brought
me to tears.
No surprise...
it was happy.

But happy feels good.
Everything goes as it should.
The characters are in love
and their futures
are so promising.

Went to the computer to write my review
and began reading about
a shooting.
My boys went to the opening
of the newest Batman movie.

So did someone else's.
Their kids did not come home last night.
My heart just ached.

I Prayed.
Prayed some more.

My mind is all over the place.

Going  places where
tears are soon
to follow.

Went from love to hate
in the time it took
to start my computer.

This world is so scary and confusing

No wonder predictable romances
are so popular.

Imagining a place where all is
as it should be.
A place where things go as He intended.
A place with happy endings
and promising futures.

Until then...
I will keep praying.

Friday, July 13, 2012

this moment

times such as this...
that's what it's all about.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

patio pie

Let me set the stage...
 podiatrists office
ingrown toenail
apparently he is genetically
waiting room
magazine of choice
a Detroit-based publication
cover story
patio pies
Pizza on the Grill Adds a Spin to BBQ Fare

I asked nicely
if they could copy the
recipes for the
dough, tomato sauce, and
chimichurri sauce.

I had big plans
pizza pie plans.

Toe fixed
ingredients purchased

I made dough
I kneaded
watched it rise
and sat back as James
limped into the kitchen
to find the source
of that

combined tomato sauce
and took a picture
of the leftovers...
enough for a
second dinner.

Same goes for the
chimichurri sauce...
a pesto-like
parsley/cilantro paste
that I dotted over the
on my pizza pie

along with
vidalia onions
fresh tomatoes
Greek olives
basil from my garden

the boys made

mine was the way to go

why patio pie?

it's all about the grill
first the crust for three minutes
once topped for
three more

in a word

I've had my fair share
of pizzas
this one is my
new absolute
and even though there
are a few steps
each is easy...

I know what your wondering...
how can I get my hands
on those recipes.

you can skip the podiatrist
and go online to
Hour Magazine
click on the
article featuring
patio pies
and like magic
they will appear.

don't ya just love when that happens?

you can thank me later.

Monday, July 9, 2012

blogging breaks...

are a good thing.

they give one a moment to
see again
with fresh eyes
and new perspective

in essence...
and really bring
the world into focus.

to see

all that is happening

 to share what is seen
in a relevant way

not to mention
water the garden
and watch it
take a dip in a pool
that is (finally!)
warm enough  for human enjoyment

and so I enjoy.
and so I have broken away
to smell those roses
to hear the birds
to catch a lightning bug
to smell the perfumed air

to write a song.

thank you all for understanding

I am a firm believer
that one (me) possesses 
a certain  level of creativity
that requires
one thing
given full attention
(dang that's hard!)
at a time.

such a difficult concept.
(again, for me.)

today I will watch my
garden grow.

follow my lead.

it is happening.


it's all around you.

enjoy every minute of it.

Friday, July 6, 2012

this moment (already!?)

this week flew like a peregrine...
but i did manage to capture
this simple

enjoy your moments.

Monday, July 2, 2012


The following pictures
will serve as your only clues
to answering the question...

What happened here?

The answer...
Joey turned 17!
How did that happen...a mother asks?!

With swimming...
(beer for adults only!)
paintball shooting...
hot fudge brownie sundae eating...
late night fireworks displaying...
celebrating Ondrus style.

We'll save clean-up for another day.

Happy Birthday
Sweet Baby Joe!