Friday, July 20, 2012


I thought I had developed
an immunity
with the years...

grown a little grittier.

I started this book in May.
Finished it this morning.

It could be described as a good

Obviously, not what I would call
a gripping page turner...
when I found the time to actually
sit and read
I would be caught in
Susan Elizabeth Phillips'
little charming web.

The ending had me going
for the toilet paper roll...
actual tissues are a rarity in this house
Scott scratchy brand or paper napkins
were all I had at my disposal...
the napkins won out
due to proximity.

Dripping nose.
Puffy eyes remain for the day.

When I started this book I
scoffed at the ridiculous
opening scene...
added sidebars and heckled
with an imaginary Phillips.

The ending chapters brought
me to tears.
No surprise...
it was happy.

But happy feels good.
Everything goes as it should.
The characters are in love
and their futures
are so promising.

Went to the computer to write my review
and began reading about
a shooting.
My boys went to the opening
of the newest Batman movie.

So did someone else's.
Their kids did not come home last night.
My heart just ached.

I Prayed.
Prayed some more.

My mind is all over the place.

Going  places where
tears are soon
to follow.

Went from love to hate
in the time it took
to start my computer.

This world is so scary and confusing

No wonder predictable romances
are so popular.

Imagining a place where all is
as it should be.
A place where things go as He intended.
A place with happy endings
and promising futures.

Until then...
I will keep praying.

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