Monday, August 6, 2012

little house in the big woods

All our bags, bedding, towels,
tents, quads, gas tanks,
kayaks, helmets, tools
(kitchen sink!)
and food are packed...
we're ready to

I sure hope we didn't forget

Strap it all down
and say a prayer that
our ol' Chevy van will get
us to
Indian River, Michigan...
all the way to the top
of the mitten.

To a spot my man found
online at VRBO
(vacation rentals by owners)
I believe his search
included the phrase
"near an ATV trail"

He found his cabin dreams...
right ON an
ATV trail.

Otherwise known as
boy heaven
in the Ondrus house.

We won't discuss
street legalities...
like I said
armed with faith and prayer
we were on our way...
5 hours north.

In quest of cool.

You know you're
"up north"
when you are the only
vehicle for miles
and all you can see
are trees...

beautiful green trees.

This was my view
for the better part of
our driving adventure.

Oh, yeah...
and this beautiful
view to my left...

and rear.

Check out those
quad dreaming

Traveling with modern
or should I say
Starbuck's and Smart Phone

Or is it?
Smart I mean.
Because we couldn't
have possibly reached our

This isn't a road!

Or is it?

These pictures do not
clearly depict
the narrowing road...
the hills...
the twists and turns
on very sandy soil...

my white knuckling it as we veered
and got stuck...
I remember saying
"At least we can unload our
quads to get to
our cabin...right?"

I'm talking a good mile jaunt
into the woods
in (as I said earlier)
an old van stressed out
by the long trip
and extra cargo!

Faith and Prayer.

We arrived at 8:30 p.m.
to our little cabin
in the great big woods.

Unloaded all the important stuff...


We arrived!

I'm just not sure if we will ever
get back out.


  1. Oh my goodness what a small world it is! We have been renting a lodge in Indian River for many years. We go with 7 or 8 families so we rent a bigger place. Our children have many happy memories of "The Lodge" and the times they have been there with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and others. I hope you enjoy your stay, Indian River and surrounding areas. Be sure to visit The Cross in The Woods.

  2. You are so is a small world!
    We had such a nice and fun-filled time there...unfortunately, we missed the cross. Can you believe it? The quad trails kept calling those boys!

    Thanks for stopping by.