Tuesday, August 14, 2012

take a drive

After an early morning quad trail...
after a lunch of
Black Bean Fiesta and Quinoa Salad...
(thanks to Heather  from
Beauty That Moves workshop)
we decided to brave our way
out of seclusion.

It turns out our GPS directed us to
the quad trail on our
yeah...that's right...
our big honking van with trailer
traversed a 50" trail...
A somewhat wider "roadway"
was discovered on one
of our quad

I was breathing
a bit easier...taking picture
after picture...
only to discover later
that each picture looked
exactly the same.
I wasn't able to capture
the thrill ride
with a mere camera.

Now this is a road.
No pavement...
but still.

Drove down Highway 31
along the upper west side of
this great state of

Harbor Springs, Petoskey, Charlevoix,
Boyne City...
oh, how they have grown
since my last time through.
Bustling, busy and
a tad too tourist-y
for my taste this trip.

On our drive back
we found this Lake MI
access and stopped.

Here we stood
at an overlook...
 I think the
that escaped my lips
could be heard
by all.


It took James about
3 minutes to change into
his swimsuit...
the rest of us were happy to
dip our toes.

And play in the sand.

Such a beautiful spot
to stumble upon.

Sun was setting...
stomachs were growling...
time to head back.

Not without capturing
a few artsy

Not without
shaking off the sand...
or jumping from the ledge
a few/ten more times.

Not without
a makeshift changing booth
to dress for dinner.

Not without making a moment
filled with memories
to keep me warm during
the coldest

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