Saturday, August 11, 2012

smelling roses

It was my intention
to spend a week
in the woods
with all of you.


That was before I spoke
with my sister Mary and her
husband Ed.
It seems Ed had a week off work
and was going to spend a day
at Cedar Point.
A boy's day.

The plan started taking shape...
if you're coming here
with your boys
you're willing to take mine along...
that would mean Mary would
be home (in Indy) all alone.

That just screams of
a mid-week get-away.
After much debate and debacle...
I grabbed Mom at the last
possible second and said...
"let's do this!"

After some fast packing
and gassing-up...we were
off to see Mary
(and Maggie-girl)

To sit around the table at leisure
and catch-up.
Shop at our favorite spots.
Find a cute bee skep (it just belongs
in her garden!)
Drink coffee the best way...
Oh, and eat...of course.
Watch girly-girl television.
Look through old magazines...
Sept, Oct, Nov issues of
Midwest Living and Country Living.
Mary is very into fall right now.
As a are mom and I.
Talk some more.
Laugh a lot.

Sorry about the many blog breaks
but it's summer
(my season!)
and there are roses that
need smelling.


  1. So glad we had the time together! Thanks for coming! The rains came again and brought cool temps with it. LOVE this weather! Can apples and pumpkins and mums be far behind? (Sorry, couldn't help myself! LOL) Love ya!

  2. Just finished my first Ginger Gold apple from Bennett's Orchard...I did miss the Red Haven peach season! Darn!