Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ride Beautifully

Beautiful Day.
Boys BMXing with Josh.
"Let's go for a ride..."
Joining us...
Beautiful Jacob.
Looking like he belongs on that bike.
Right over my shoulder...
where I can keep an eye on him.

No doubt... this is our Happy Place. Our Gang of Rough Riders...

Going for a nice country ride.


Sometimes the "biker mentality"

makes me giggle.

Black leather...black accessories...do-rags...

too cool for school.

I'm rebelling in my bright orange

shirt...new short hair-cut...

but, I can still do the do-rag.

Checking on Jake as we're

Welcomed into Ohio.

He has nice shoulders...doesn't he?

That apple didn't fall far from the tree.


Pulling off in Rossford to stretch

and to remove helmets.

No helmet law in Ohio...

but being that I'm a Michigander

I obeyed their guidelines
for safety! (such a rebel)
Capturing snippets of the beauty
that surrounds me.
Feeling reminiscent with the Italian roof...
beautiful Italy.
Old homesteads with rambling yards
and views of the river.
Sharing the road with bikers like me.
Following the long and winding road... Everyday is a winding road... you get a little bit closer... to feeling fine. Giving the "official-I'm-part-of-the-bikers-club" hand signal to fellow bikers passing by. I'm giggling on the inside. The best part of the day. Being with my baby.
Be Responsible...Ride Beautifully.

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Day To Remember

Memorial Day
A day to pause...
and pray.
A typical corner on Main Street.
This one is located in Noblesville, Indiana.
A small town that took the time...
to pause...
...and to remember. God Bless America!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Moment

{this moment}
Borrowing from Amanda Blake Soule...a Friday ritual. A single photo--capturing a special, extraordinary moment. A moment to pause, savor, and remember forever.

Do-Over :: Extended Zen

The Freedom Zen.
A short-sleeved muscle shirt
designed by me...with summer fun in mind.
This particular tee had been hanging around
Harmony in Life
for about a year now.
It needed "something"
so I brought it home to play with.
Here's what I came up with.
The Extended Zen.
Raiding my stock of miscellaneous t-shirt
parts...I gave the Freedom-T a
slightly longer than layered look...
inset a companion sleeve...
finished with a sweet lettuce hem.
Perfect anytime BUT especially great
during yoga practice...
assuring the wearer complete coverage
during rigorous poses.
Helping you achieve your zen! Same scenario with this t-shirt...
Taking fine to sublime!
This time...
adding a lettuce trimmed sleeve...
a touch of modest coverage at the neckline...
The Extended Zen. What?! A female athlete can look sweet and pretty... and strong! Pretty colors... sweet feminine hemline... strong on personality! This Do-Over has been brought to you by... O.M.N. Old Maid New. Extend Your Zen.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holes :: Part 3

A Shakespearian Adventure.
Act I :: Scene I
Enter Jennifer delivering goods...
Gale the shopkeeper on stage.
Gale Hi Jen! I was reading your blog the other day...by the way, I really enjoy it...but, that posting on holes...well... Jennifer What mean'st thou? Gale One of the t-shirts we have in the shop...has the exact holes you were referring to...three inches from the hemline...dead center. Jennifer Nay, I beseech thee, kind madam. Gale Have a look for yourself... Jennifer Wherefore art thy holes? Gale Take a closer look. Jennifer Alas! There it tis. Gale Do you think you can mend it? There was a woman who really wanted to purchase it...until she noticed the holes. Jennifer Aye...I shall mend it. Exeunt stage and retire to sewing quarters. Music flourishes... Jennifer vexed, crops the sleeves to a three-quarter length...designs a patch to camouflage the flaw. {music reaches crescendo and ceases abruptly}
Jennifer stands back to revel in her success. Upon closer inspection...
Out damn spot! Be gone! Displaying her masterpiece and dancing an inspire'd dance.
Jennifer addressing audience
What say'st thou to me now? Tis a just and noble thing I have done.
Ah...but the play's the thing!
Exeunt omnes.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer :: Beginnings

The calendar may say Spring...
but certain things just
scream Summer.
You know...
that smell of fresh-cut grass...
waking to birds chirping their morning song...
sunshine and temps in the 80's!
But nothing says Summer to me like...
Ice-cold Corona with lime...
(mom lookin' cool in her sexy specs)
while eating outdoors at Tony Packo's.
Stopping for an ice-cream sundae at Lil' Shack. Mocha Shake the choice this visit. Hot dogs done right... on the grill! Or cruising around town...stopping at the local A&W with "skate to your window" delivery service. I'm saving room for that root beer float.
Let's not forget the ever popular
Ondrus Summer Outing...
The Car Show.
Cars in every imaginable color
line the street.
In this case...Main Street...
Sylvania, Ohio.
Closing the road for hot-rods and dream cars...
with the smell of elephant ears on the breeze.
With all the many choices...
James' "wish it were mine" choice...
the Gremlin.
(man was I feeling old!)
Fresh out of Driver's Ed Joey
found his first set of "dream-on" wheels.
My man was coveting this green pick-up...
I must say...
he has good taste!
We could call her "The Green Hornet"
Party on Wheels!
For the Fast and Furious side of his personality...
I liked this 70's Nova...
High School all over again!
As you may know...I have simple tastes.
I could definitely see my arse
on this light blue leather interior...
Sitting beside me?
Well, my sister Sue of course!
(or Tina...or Mary...so as not to offend)
Thelma and Louising it up!
Oh, yeah...baby.
Maybe picking-up a cute hitch-hiker
along the way.
This is what's known as a double take
in the world of blogging.
Continuing the fantasy...
Who was that cute cowboy the girls picked-up?
None other than
Brad Pitt.
Okay...I'll control myself and move on with the show.
These next few photos
speak for themselves...
I know all about that one
when Rudy starts polishing his bike...
silly grinning it every time
he takes-off on it...
eyes glazing over as he leafs through
the pages of a parts catalogue!
More Summer fun!
Live music.
I didn't catch their name BUT
they were about 12 years old
singing songs like
Twist and Shout...
I kid you not!
When the band wasn't playing...
Shores and Steele took over.
We're talking country!
What else would you expect at a car show?
My attempt at an artsy photo.
The family through a cut-out hood...
too cool.
Even with a whole lotta SPF I burned...
oh, that summer feeling...
time to head home.
But wait...
Who do we bump into as we are leaving?
Josh and the girls!
Not a big surprise...it is a car show after all...
and they are Ondrus' after all.
Turnin' it around for another look.
Welcome Home Summer.
We've missed you.