Friday, December 30, 2011

This Moment

Once again...joining Soule Mama and all her friends in this Friday ritual. A single photo. No words. Capturing a simple, extraordinary moment from my week. A moment I want to pause, savor, and remember forever. amen.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holding Pattern

What a strange week this is...
this week between
Christmas and New Year's.
The week that somehow leaves me feeling
restless and a bit uneasy.
The hectic days of preparation
and I find I almost miss them.
With the week off homeschooling...
we decided to give ourselves
a small...
well actually,
a large
We wrapped up the book shelf
so we could dress-up the
room for the holidays.
The added benefit of
"out of sight out of mind"
keeps it
wrapped-up tight!
Don't get me wrong...learning is still
happening, as it always does,
in the form of playing the keyboard
and reading about all its
wonderful programs...
reading a downloaded book on a new
Kindle...playing with all
the new toys in the house...
spending the night at big brother's
and playing video games without sleep!
I am in a holding pattern.
Still enjoying a cookie with my afternoon
coffee...watching Hallmark Holiday
Movies each night...
playing the songs of this
beautiful season.
So...please, be patient with me
as I continue to leave
the sounds of Christmas on my blog...
along with the holiday
and share thoughts of this
all too brief season.
I'm holding on tightly
to these final
days of

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Morning

Bing Crosby
crooning in the background...
cookie crumbles on a plate
with milk...
presents waiting...
under the lit and bedazzled tree.
Telling signs...all.
It is
Christmas morn.
That brief moment of realization
that the wait
is over.

To pause...

to hold onto that fleeting moment...

to embrace the joy.

For in a whirl of torn

wrappings and ribbons...

smiles and giggles...

the "you shouldn't haves

but I am so glad you dids"...

the thank yous...

I love yous...

all is revealed.

The music continues

with a new crooner...

filling our home with the

beautiful sounds

of a much anticipated/unexpected gift.

None more precious

than family...

who comes knocking on our door

to share in the wonder

of that


and a good cup of Christmas brew!

I hope your Christmas morning

was filled with such

beautiful moments

as these.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Kierstin heard it.
Baby Kaylee heard it as well.

Have you heard it?

Last night at midnight...

I stepped outside to let my dog out

and I could hear the gentle

sound of snow flurries as they fell

quietly to earth.

Like a sweet song of anticipation...

a longing of what is to come...

the wonder and awe

of all that is...

seen and unseen.

Be Still.

And know.

Be still and know that the voice

you are hearing is the

Great I Am.

Let Your Heart So Sing For Joy!

Friday, December 23, 2011

This Moment

Taking a break from my holiday preparations to join all my friends from Soule Mama. Capturing a moment of wonder. A simple, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor, and remember forever. amen.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide :: Idea #5

I could feature more
Old Maid New
texting gloves...stadium mittens
scarves...hipsters...zafu's and zabutons...
and so much more.
Instead I'm putting you to work.
I'm talking about one of my favorite
gifts to receive...
Lovin From Your Oven
In the form of a cookie.
In this case
Mrs. Field's
Cinnamon Sugar Butter Cookies
Believe me when I say
that this little
snicker doodle type cookie
is sure to please.
It's all about the butter!
Now don't fret if you don't have the recipe.
I Googled it as labeled
above an it can easily be found on-line.
I got this cookbook from my mom
and it has been a family favorite ever since!
What a great combo pack...
the book given with a dozen of the cookies to eat.
I am a lover of the consumable gift...
those gifts that
I can really use and enjoy
every single little bite of.
Mrs. Field is great about using
just a few wonderful
With easy instructions, too!
This is my secret arsenal.
Spice Islands Pure Vanilla Extract.
It costs a bit more
but when you want to make your
pastries extra special
then this is the ticket.
Rolled into little 1 inch balls...
coated in sugar and cinnamon...
baked to perfection...
soft on the in...
slightly browned on the out.
Bite-sized heaven.
There is a plethora of creative packaging ideas
on-line as well.


fresh from the oven...

in one of the many Christmas Tins

you've saved over the years

works just fine.

On a plate, perhaps?

After's not about the


it's what's waiting inside that counts.

Give the gift of homemade goodness.

Friday, December 16, 2011

This Moment

Taking a break from Old Maid New's Holiday Gift Guide to Join Soule Mama and her friends in this Friday ritual. A single photo. No words. A simple, extraordinary moment from my week. A moment I want to pause, savor, and remember forever. amen

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide :: Flowers and Joy

to Day 5 of the
2011 Holiday Gift Guide...
Old Maid New
Flowers and Joy!
Ever play the game
where you see a picture of something
up close
then try to guess what it is you
are actually seeing?
If not...
here's your chance.
What do you see?
That's easy...
a 100% recycled
sweet pink
felted wool flower with
a vintage green


But it is attached

to a little


which is connected to

an unconventional purple

Christmas Stocking.

A fun Holiday


for any little (or BIG)

girl on your list.

Are you getting the hang of

this game yet?

Here's another chance

to test your new


What do you see?


Spelled out in a variety

of vintage buttons...

in all shades of


Topping off


striped woolen

Christmas Stocking.

Spreading the

Joy Of The Season

to all.

How did you do?

Given as a

"gift bag"

to hold

a special present...

a re-usable coffee sleeve perhaps...

a pair of leg warmers, perhaps...


Hung by the chimney

with care...

awaiting Santa's


Giving your home

the old/new



Old Maid New.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide :: Idea #3

Welcome To
Old Maid New
Holiday Gift Guide 2011
Today's Featured Idea:
100% Recycled
(of course!)
Felted Woolen
Leg Warmers / Boot Toppers
Pictured here
with a Wellington Style Boot.
If you have ever worn these
then you know that they
are unlined...
Fine for mucking around
on summer days...
not so fine
when worn during the winter months.
Leg Warmers
to the rescue!
The Boot Topper portion
is all about
being cute and fashionable.
The Leg Warmer insert...
is all about being practical!
Constructed to last.
Old Maid New
one-of-a-kind detailing.
Patchy look woolens...
seams on the outside...
in a word...
When I dropped these off at the shop
Harmony in Life...
Sue, a co-owner,
pulled these Ugg's out from
behind the counter...
(Shh...they are a gift for her daughter)
...and tried them out.
It transformed that boot
dare I say it...
I dare...
a thing of beauty.
That's the whole point of
Old Maid New.
Stop back tomorrow for
Gift Idea #4!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide :: Coffee Sleeves

Old Maid New
Holiday Gift Guide 2011
Idea #2:
The Recycled Wool
Coffee Sleeve
This has been a staple of
Old Maid New
since its beginnings.
What coffee drinker on your
Christmas list...
be it lovers of the dark espressos...
chocolaty mocha's...or creamy lattes...
wouldn't enjoy their very
own coffee sleeve?
Each with their own unique
and style!
Just like that special person
you are giving it to.
Putting environmental concerns aside...
let's take a simple
side by side virtual test to see
which one comes out on top.
Ready...(watch carefully)...set...scroll!
I don't know about you...
but that just blew my mind!
The Recycled Wool Coffee Sleeve
is the clear winner...
coming out far ahead of its
cardboard competitor.
The Recycled Wool Coffee Sleeve
is available at
Harmony in Life
contact me
Perfect as a stocking stuffer.
Perfect when paired with a coffee house gift certificate.
Perfect for yourself as well.
Your cup...your hands...
and your earth
will thank you for it.
Thank you for stopping by.
Holiday Gift #3 coming at you tomorrow!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Big News :: Holiday Gift Guide

The other day I got an e-mail
from my friends at
Harmony in Life...
under subject
was the title
Big News!
I soon found out that
someone from
The Toledo City Paper
had been at the shop
taking pictures.
And guess who was
featured in their
Holiday Gift Guide?
Give up? Me...that's who!
Old Maid New
right there on page 17!

Here is a close-up

of the half-page


(oh, yes...I am a proud mama) There are many other

lovely ideas in their

guide...but I don't

want to ruin it

for you.

Pick up your copy at news stands


Beginning Today...

I am going to

feature my one-of-a-kind...



right here...

for the unique person you are.

Your gift giving should reflect that!

And so I begin...

A Holiday Gift Guide

Old Maid New


The Flower Pin.

100% Recycled and Felted Wool.

Vintage Buttons.


something old

given a new and beautiful life.

Funny story here.

This simple design was originally

meant to be given free

with the purchase of

my up-cycled denim

Yoga Mat Carriers.

The fine customers at

Harmony in Life

wanted to purchase

them separately.

This little flower pin has been VERY

popular this holiday


So, I don't want you to miss out!

What can I say?

The customer is always right!

What coat wouldn't look

even better

with a little cheery felted-wool flower?

Even a drab albeit functional purse...

Can be reinvented


a bright red

100% recycled

Flower Pin.

The best part...

they are so affordable

you can use them

in your

holiday gift wrapping...

Who wouldn't love

a little

Flower Pin

on their package?

It's like getting a gift

with a gift!

A perfect

replacement for that



I know what your wondering?

Is Jen's affordable

my affordable? When I was asked the price

(remember they were meant to be free

with purchase)

by a sweet customer

at the Holiday Open House...

I blurted out...


You read that right...

that's four dollars and fifty cents!

She bought two.

I decided to

maintain that pricing

as a little gift to my

wonderful and loyal

customers at

Harmony in Life...

located at

5747 Main Street



contact me via e-mail

I can't sign-off without giving

Gale & Sue

a big HUG



for making this all possible.

I love you guys!

Stop back tomorrow for idea #2.