Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide :: Coffee Sleeves

Old Maid New
Holiday Gift Guide 2011
Idea #2:
The Recycled Wool
Coffee Sleeve
This has been a staple of
Old Maid New
since its beginnings.
What coffee drinker on your
Christmas list...
be it lovers of the dark espressos...
chocolaty mocha's...or creamy lattes...
wouldn't enjoy their very
own coffee sleeve?
Each with their own unique
and style!
Just like that special person
you are giving it to.
Putting environmental concerns aside...
let's take a simple
side by side virtual test to see
which one comes out on top.
Ready...(watch carefully)...set...scroll!
I don't know about you...
but that just blew my mind!
The Recycled Wool Coffee Sleeve
is the clear winner...
coming out far ahead of its
cardboard competitor.
The Recycled Wool Coffee Sleeve
is available at
Harmony in Life
contact me
Perfect as a stocking stuffer.
Perfect when paired with a coffee house gift certificate.
Perfect for yourself as well.
Your cup...your hands...
and your earth
will thank you for it.
Thank you for stopping by.
Holiday Gift #3 coming at you tomorrow!


  1. love it! They are adorable and stylish!!

  2. I think I need a holiday-colored coffee beanie! Save one for me! By the way, I featured you on my blog today!