Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Morning

Bing Crosby
crooning in the background...
cookie crumbles on a plate
with milk...
presents waiting...
under the lit and bedazzled tree.
Telling signs...all.
It is
Christmas morn.
That brief moment of realization
that the wait
is over.

To pause...

to hold onto that fleeting moment...

to embrace the joy.

For in a whirl of torn

wrappings and ribbons...

smiles and giggles...

the "you shouldn't haves

but I am so glad you dids"...

the thank yous...

I love yous...

all is revealed.

The music continues

with a new crooner...

filling our home with the

beautiful sounds

of a much anticipated/unexpected gift.

None more precious

than family...

who comes knocking on our door

to share in the wonder

of that


and a good cup of Christmas brew!

I hope your Christmas morning

was filled with such

beautiful moments

as these.


  1. Thanks for letting me be there, in picture form, on Christmas morn. And yes, ours was a very blessed Christmas morning indeed. x

  2. So brief...so wonderful. I hope those Christmas morning memories warm your heart for a lifetime. Love you.