Monday, December 12, 2011

Big News :: Holiday Gift Guide

The other day I got an e-mail
from my friends at
Harmony in Life...
under subject
was the title
Big News!
I soon found out that
someone from
The Toledo City Paper
had been at the shop
taking pictures.
And guess who was
featured in their
Holiday Gift Guide?
Give up? Me...that's who!
Old Maid New
right there on page 17!

Here is a close-up

of the half-page


(oh, yes...I am a proud mama) There are many other

lovely ideas in their

guide...but I don't

want to ruin it

for you.

Pick up your copy at news stands


Beginning Today...

I am going to

feature my one-of-a-kind...



right here...

for the unique person you are.

Your gift giving should reflect that!

And so I begin...

A Holiday Gift Guide

Old Maid New


The Flower Pin.

100% Recycled and Felted Wool.

Vintage Buttons.


something old

given a new and beautiful life.

Funny story here.

This simple design was originally

meant to be given free

with the purchase of

my up-cycled denim

Yoga Mat Carriers.

The fine customers at

Harmony in Life

wanted to purchase

them separately.

This little flower pin has been VERY

popular this holiday


So, I don't want you to miss out!

What can I say?

The customer is always right!

What coat wouldn't look

even better

with a little cheery felted-wool flower?

Even a drab albeit functional purse...

Can be reinvented


a bright red

100% recycled

Flower Pin.

The best part...

they are so affordable

you can use them

in your

holiday gift wrapping...

Who wouldn't love

a little

Flower Pin

on their package?

It's like getting a gift

with a gift!

A perfect

replacement for that



I know what your wondering?

Is Jen's affordable

my affordable? When I was asked the price

(remember they were meant to be free

with purchase)

by a sweet customer

at the Holiday Open House...

I blurted out...


You read that right...

that's four dollars and fifty cents!

She bought two.

I decided to

maintain that pricing

as a little gift to my

wonderful and loyal

customers at

Harmony in Life...

located at

5747 Main Street



contact me via e-mail

I can't sign-off without giving

Gale & Sue

a big HUG



for making this all possible.

I love you guys!

Stop back tomorrow for idea #2.

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