Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holding Pattern

What a strange week this is...
this week between
Christmas and New Year's.
The week that somehow leaves me feeling
restless and a bit uneasy.
The hectic days of preparation
and I find I almost miss them.
With the week off homeschooling...
we decided to give ourselves
a small...
well actually,
a large
We wrapped up the book shelf
so we could dress-up the
room for the holidays.
The added benefit of
"out of sight out of mind"
keeps it
wrapped-up tight!
Don't get me wrong...learning is still
happening, as it always does,
in the form of playing the keyboard
and reading about all its
wonderful programs...
reading a downloaded book on a new
Kindle...playing with all
the new toys in the house...
spending the night at big brother's
and playing video games without sleep!
I am in a holding pattern.
Still enjoying a cookie with my afternoon
coffee...watching Hallmark Holiday
Movies each night...
playing the songs of this
beautiful season.
So...please, be patient with me
as I continue to leave
the sounds of Christmas on my blog...
along with the holiday
and share thoughts of this
all too brief season.
I'm holding on tightly
to these final
days of

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