Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide :: Idea #3

Welcome To
Old Maid New
Holiday Gift Guide 2011
Today's Featured Idea:
100% Recycled
(of course!)
Felted Woolen
Leg Warmers / Boot Toppers
Pictured here
with a Wellington Style Boot.
If you have ever worn these
then you know that they
are unlined...
Fine for mucking around
on summer days...
not so fine
when worn during the winter months.
Leg Warmers
to the rescue!
The Boot Topper portion
is all about
being cute and fashionable.
The Leg Warmer insert...
is all about being practical!
Constructed to last.
Old Maid New
one-of-a-kind detailing.
Patchy look woolens...
seams on the outside...
in a word...
When I dropped these off at the shop
Harmony in Life...
Sue, a co-owner,
pulled these Ugg's out from
behind the counter...
(Shh...they are a gift for her daughter)
...and tried them out.
It transformed that boot
dare I say it...
I dare...
a thing of beauty.
That's the whole point of
Old Maid New.
Stop back tomorrow for
Gift Idea #4!

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