Saturday, October 31, 2009


How many of you, like me, are still holding on to some of those cropped t-shirts that, flattering or not, expose your belly button with the slightest movement? I know I'm not alone when I say how relieved I am to finally see that fad fade far, far into oblivion! Still, some of them had really awesome graphics and they were hard to say good-bye to. Well, say hello to the Stay-Put Yoga Shirt.
Take that cropped tee and pair it with the I-just-never-really-liked-the-color-on-me tee and you've got a shirt that will see you through any yoga class without any embarrassing moments. I don't care what yoga pose you toss at it...down-facing dog...plough...headstand...the Stay-Put Shirt will keep you out of any compromising position! I put this one through the rigors of a yoga class and let me tell you, this shirt isn't going anywhere except where you want it. Those of you who have taken a class or two know what I'm talking about. No more playing peek-a-boo. No more gaping clothing. No more riding up or sliding down. Ingenious!
Plus, the upper portion of shirt #2 was made into what I call a Savasana Shrug...a little more coverage for your warm-up and cool-down to help keep your body temp constant.
The tri-colored shrug with sleeve detailing offers just the right amount of warmth you need before and after your work-out. The strikes a balance between practical and fashionable. If that wasn't enough, the shirt can be worn down, without the pants and voila! you have a Take-Two dress that is perfect for a fun evening out. I lost count...let's recap. 1 cropped tee + 1 rarely worn tee = 3 great looks that aren't only one-of-a-kind, but are 100% wearable. Now I ask you...shouldn't your wardrobe fit not only your body but your lifestyle as well? Makes perfect sense to me.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It Takes Two

I don't know about you, but the t-shirt is a staple in my wardrobe...soft, stretchy cotton that always feels good. Unfortunately, styles come and go so quickly in the t-shirt world, so why not be the trend setter? This tomboy dress is a designer original without the hefty price tag. Two tees that had somehow been demoted to the back of my drawer come together for one fabulous look. Sleeve and neckline detailing give it a modern look and feel. Ultra cool and the ultimate in'll almost forget you're wearing a dress. I'm a BIG fan of Amy Butler, and when I saw her puzzle tees, I decided to really rock and roll with the concept (as you'll see in upcoming posts!). Old t-shirts given new life...that's the very heart of Old Maid New!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Texting Gloves

Those cold winds just keep on blowing, but they won't slow me down. I keep repeating the mantra, "Every year there's an Indian Summer"...but I'm still waiting for those precious few days of warmth so I can finish some outdoor projects. Break it to me gently...Did the Farmer's Almanac mention 2009 as the first year without one? Ah least my hands will be warm and my fingers free to get some of those jobs done. These fingerless texting gloves are made of 100% recycled, felted wool that feel fantastic. The secret? I've heard it said that seams on the inside were a design flaw and I wholeheartedly agree! So whether you are raking leaves or texting a friend, your hands will stay warm and look good in the process. Peace 2 U.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thinking Warm Thoughts

There's no denying it...oh, and believe me I've tried. The calendar said it was so, but it wasn't until the other morning when a cold wind slapped me in the face that I had to come to terms with it. Autumn had arrived. I hear people say how fall is their favorite time of year...the changing colors, the cooler temperatures, the comfort foods. Me? Give me summer any day. Long, lazy days of daylight well past 9pm, warm beautiful sunshine, wild flowers of every color along the road. Why, oh why does Mom always have to be right..."summers go by faster the older you grow." Bummer! A favorite movie line seems appropriate at this moment. "I never look back, detracts from the now." Quiz time...can you name the movie? Keep reading! I will admit, Autumn does have its appeal. In the now I will embrace this season, which will be brief, as it ushers in winter. I will have enjoyed long hikes in the woods to view the changes, gone to an apple orchard...nothing like a fresh picked Golden Delicious, decorated my home with mums and pumpkins, sat around the outdoor fireplace with my family to enjoy s'mores some more. I have even succumbed to making comfort foods. A new favorite...chicken and noodles served over mashed potatoes...carb heaven, or as my husband calls it "heaven in a bowl". (I will share the recipe in the near future!)
Okay...moving forward...
Check out that hat...felted wool, seams on the outside soft on the in, fun colors and a pom-pom made for adults. Keep your ears warm for when that cold wind blows through your neck of the woods. And remember...
Embrace the Now!
Movie Trivia: The Incredibles!
Let me know if you guessed it.