Saturday, October 31, 2009


How many of you, like me, are still holding on to some of those cropped t-shirts that, flattering or not, expose your belly button with the slightest movement? I know I'm not alone when I say how relieved I am to finally see that fad fade far, far into oblivion! Still, some of them had really awesome graphics and they were hard to say good-bye to. Well, say hello to the Stay-Put Yoga Shirt.
Take that cropped tee and pair it with the I-just-never-really-liked-the-color-on-me tee and you've got a shirt that will see you through any yoga class without any embarrassing moments. I don't care what yoga pose you toss at it...down-facing dog...plough...headstand...the Stay-Put Shirt will keep you out of any compromising position! I put this one through the rigors of a yoga class and let me tell you, this shirt isn't going anywhere except where you want it. Those of you who have taken a class or two know what I'm talking about. No more playing peek-a-boo. No more gaping clothing. No more riding up or sliding down. Ingenious!
Plus, the upper portion of shirt #2 was made into what I call a Savasana Shrug...a little more coverage for your warm-up and cool-down to help keep your body temp constant.
The tri-colored shrug with sleeve detailing offers just the right amount of warmth you need before and after your work-out. The strikes a balance between practical and fashionable. If that wasn't enough, the shirt can be worn down, without the pants and voila! you have a Take-Two dress that is perfect for a fun evening out. I lost count...let's recap. 1 cropped tee + 1 rarely worn tee = 3 great looks that aren't only one-of-a-kind, but are 100% wearable. Now I ask you...shouldn't your wardrobe fit not only your body but your lifestyle as well? Makes perfect sense to me.

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