Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Move Over Jane Fonda

Maybe I'm dating myself, but who can forget Jane's (yeah...we're on a first name basis:)!) workout videos of the 80's? Tight leotards...big hair...and those leg warmers! Some fashions should never be revisited again! Do I hear Amen!?
Leotards? No way!
Big hair? Forget about it!
Legwarmers? Hmmmm... Let me think about that one...
Updated and Repurposed!
These legwarmers are made of 100% recycled wool and the felting process means they are super-duper soft...it's like the itchiness has been washed away. They are super-duper warm and super-duper cute too! This pair is trim fitted and can be worn under bootleg jeans.
For those of us who adore the slip-on-clog-style shoe and who love naked toes all year long...they are ideal!
If you are a fan of the Wellington boot...
these are great for some extra insulation and long enough to be worn like a boot topper (pics soon!).
If you want to wear them
before / after exercise...well,
that's your prerogative.
But no one can pull that look off like Jane can. (If you have her #...please pass it on so I can send her a pair!)
The New Legwarmer...
However you wear them...
under jeans, over boots, funky with a dress...
Make them yours!
New styles are available every day at Harmony in Life
in Sylvania, Ohio.
contact me!

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