Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Northville Re-Wind

Who could forget these wheels?
Very inconspicuous.
Subtle, some might say.
In my last posting on Northville, I mentioned
that one of my sisters couldn't make it.
She lives out of town.
But she was with us in spirit.
these pics are for you.
This totally looked like some of the...dare I say it...
Pottery Barn images you had been posting about.
Now if I had an extra $500 on me
I just might have picked it up for you.
Unfortunately, a picture is
all you get.
Take a close look.
It is so cool because of the wear of days gone by...
stretched canvas, squirrel eating
an acorn, muted/faded colors.
I thought of you right away.
Take a look at this.
Now this is a given.
I took this picture to motivate and inspire
you to get busy.
I know I'm a bit prejudice here, and no
disrespect to the paper crafter above,
he/she did very nice work,
my sister is way more talented!
I'm giving you a mission.
Stop at Corner Cottage (heck, stop in at all
those adorable Noblesville shops)
and show them what you've got...
in cards, that is.
My little way of saying that I love you.
I sure hope you're feeling better.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Bar O' Milk And Honey

Fun Science!
Soapmaking Day
With recipe and knowledge
and all the necessary equipment
Scale, ingredients, hand blender...
goggles and vinegar!
This is serious stuff...
A wee bit blurry...
Mixing the oils and the lye solution to "trace"
to turn into soap
the reaction between the alkali and acid
Fresh out of the mold
Loving that "pound cake" color
Cut into bars and set out to cure
I tweaked a basic recipe
adding buttermilk and honey
for their moisturizing benefits.
The Bar O Milk and Honey!
With a few finishing touches...
A Lesson in Patience
Waiting one full month
Allowing the bar to neutralize before use. Singing Carly Simon Anticip-a-tion is makin me wait...
What a Joyful Shower That Will Be!
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Monday, January 24, 2011

More Zafu (Zah-foo) For You

Sometimes a design just makes sense.
That's how I feel about The Zafu I created.
Could also explain why the women at
Harmony in Life
called saying...we need more Zafu Meditation Pillows!
Back to the machine.
This time I incorporated decorator
fabric scraps with I said,
it just makes sense to use sturdy fabrics on an item that is
going to be toted around and sat on!
No two fabric scraps are alike so the flip side
features another complimentary design.
Filled with those amazing Buckwheat Hulls from
It's Lagniappe
(a little something extra)
which translates into pure comfort during your
meditation practice.
Get Your Zafu On!
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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Zabuton

The Zabuton
A Japanese floor cushion...
multi-functional in that it can be used wherever
a little cushion is needed.
Today it is most often used in meditation
A time of quiet reflection
to think inward without outside distractions.
Foot, knee, or ankle pain
can distract from your experience
and you will not receive the full benefit
of your practice.
The Zabuton and The Zafu
Paired together...
working together.
The Zafu assists in pelvic alignment,
while The Zabuton gently cushions the joints.
Consider creating a meditation corner in your home
A place to go to reflect and calm the senses.
An alternative to "time out"
Call it "time in"
A place to focus inward and let the physical
world pass.
A Word about the materials...
As always Old Maid New!
Too cool to be old?
My big sis had some Amy Butler scraps (that she
was going to scrap) she thought of me.
Thanks Tina!
I put them to work in that One-of-a-Kind Yoga Strap.
The Zafu and Zabuton
both constructed from Old Objects Found
and given a new and beautiful
Additionally, (if you've read this far)
The Zabuton contains a crafted futon
beneath made from salvaged cotton
blankets and/or towels
to give it a sturdy cush that won't
break down. Available at Harmony in Life Sylvania, Ohio
Create your little corner of peace.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The One-of-a-Kind Yoga Strap

The Yoga Strap
an essential prop for those of us who
are still working on flexibility.
Utilized in many postures to increase flexibility...
so you can get deeper into the pose.
Allows a beginner to get into a stretch
without sacrificing alignment.
So why sacrifice on style?
I improved upon this utilitarian strap and
The One-of-a-kind Yoga Strap.
Each one is as individual as you are.
Function and Beauty can co-exist!
The best part...I can finally use those scraps-of-fabric-
I-knew-I-would -find-a-purpose-for-them.
Don't let their good looks fool you.
They are long and strong and ready to assist you
in your next yoga practice.
Stretch in Style!
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Sister's Weekend in Northville, MI

What a Blast of a Weekend!
But then again I always have fun when I'm hanging
out with my sisters.
The fun started Saturday night with dinner at Barada's...
hummus, grape leaves, fatoosh...YUMMY
Followed by frenzied magazine dreamin' at Tina's.
This is where she told me about
a new series on HGTV...Cash and Cari...that
looked like my dream job. In addition to running
estate sales, Cari owns a store,
RePurpose, that looks like...well, me.
My kinda place.
After a bit of googling we found that it was not
only based in was only 1 short
hour away.
Road Trip!
Sunday...right after church (for some of us)...
we were on our way.
The suspense and anticipation mounted as we
traveled through the quaint town of
Northville, Michigan.
Here we are just steps from our
Hmmm...Solid Grounds Coffee...
we were two coffees deep but knew we
were going to need number three.
My sisters...missing Mom and Mary (next time I hope)
Just outside the door and diggin' the
window display.
I saw this three shelf cart as soon as I stepped in...
the funky green, the groovy flowers...
I knew it wanted to go home with me
and get busy in my craft room.
We wanted to browse BUT after all that coffee
we needed to take a brief detour.
Sorry, TMI.
Cari's wheels were on display in the court.
I won't lie to you...I was coveting.
Screamin cool...don't you think?
I'll let the pictures do the talking...
Keep scrolling...for more cool.
If you're ever in the neighborhood,
we highly recommend you take a peek.
The town is "timeless with a twist"...with a lot of interesting shops
and restaurants. Many were closed on Sunday...
shucks, an excuse to go back.
After grabbing a delicious Zebra Latte @
Solid Grounds
and stashing my new cart in Tina's hatch...
we were jived for more fun...
which explains IKEA above.
Sister's Weekends.
A saving grace during these long winter months!
Filled with dreams and inspiration.
Does a body good.
Thanks Tina and you.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Savasana Eye Pillow

the reward you receive at the end of
your yoga practice.
A time to focus your mind
on complete relaxation.
These 100% organic flaxseed and lavender
eye pillows will enhance and aid
in achieving deeper
The gentle weight of the flax seed
adapts to individual facial contours which
helps to relax the muscles
behind the eyes and nose and
will trigger deeper
relaxation in the cheek, jaw, chin and neck.
Organic Lavender
is known for its relaxing and
calming effect on the central nervous system.
Its benefits include; relief for painful sinuses, headache,
and muscular aches, and it can induce sleep
even in the most chronic insomniac.
The coolness of the silk fabric
is particularly pleasant after your asana practice...
blocking the light and outside distractions...
comforting and aromatic.
The health benefits of meditation
are, by now, well known to all.
Did you know that a simple nap is equally beneficial?
Napping improves stamina, increases alertness,
reduces stress, lowers blood pressure,
enlightens mood and attitude,
increases accuracy,
preserves youth "get your beauty sleep",
increases metabolism...facilitating weight loss!
That's why I keep my
Savasana Eye Pillow
where I need it most...
That beautiful lavender fragrance envelopes
for now I lay me...
These Savasana Eye Pillows
are also 100% Old Maid New!
If you thought you recognized the fabrics
from mens silk
were absolutely correct!
I am hoping to create my first tutorial
very soon so that you too
can experience the amazing effect
of these Flaxseed/Lavender
Eye Pillows.
Peace and Calm to You.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Zafu

The Zafu
is a traditional Japanese cushion
used for meditation.
After careful research into shape
and design, I created my own version
of the Zafu.
The round shape elevates and cushions
the pelvis...improving seated posture,
easing joint and back pain, and aiding
in achieving deeper and longer
meditation sessions.
The best compliment came when I dropped
these beauties off at the shop
Harmony in Life,
and Sue (co-owner) sat on one and
proclaimed it to be...
"the most comfortable thing I've ever sat on!"
The Zafu
Made of sturdy (you guessed it) recycled denim and
upholstery type fabric for years of meditation use.
Reinforced stitching throughout.
A built-in handle
for ease of transport to and from class.
Comfortable seating can go wherever you go!
The best part lies beneath...
these meditation pillows are filled with
a hefty 3+ pounds of domestically
grown, pillow-grade
Buckwheat Hulls.
Buckwheat hulls perfectly contour to your
individual shape.
Quite simply, it will be the most
comfortable thing you've ever sat on.
The company I purchased them from,
"It's Lagniappe"
(a little something extra)
were terrific to work with.
Fast delivery (even during the holidays),
great follow-through with the order via email,
most importantly...a terrific product.
The buckwheat hulls are super clean and
beautiful to work with too.
Revolutionize your Meditation.
Think Zafu!
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Woolen Loofa

January is a time for pampering.
A little investment in you!
Exercise. Diet. Live Joy-Fully.
My day starts in the shower.
A daily necessity.
I decided this past summer to be more mindful
of not only what goes into
my body...but what I put on my body as well.
I learned how to make soap.
100% natural...I know what goes into it...
My family has willingly tested and
I have received nothing but positive feedback.
My husband's favorite...
"the bumpy one"
aka oatmeal and oat milk.
Very soothing for winter skin.
One day at the sewing machine I decided to combine
my crafts and I made a little pillowcase
for my soap.
Recycled, felted wool that will continue
to felt with use.
It is fun and pampering to use.
Get it wet, squeeze for lather, and gently scrub and
exfoliate in a circular motion over your entire body!
Place it on a rack to dry.
As any of my saponification buds will tell you...
handmade soap needs to dry between use.
Pure clean.
Natural Woman
Refers to the fragrance...I wish you could sniff it
through your screen.
It's a little bit groovy...a little bit patchouli...
a little bit rock and roll.
A whole lot fabulous!
Go ahead...pamper yourself!
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Wish

Winter Means Pastel to Me
The promise of the Spring to come!
Pillows add interest, texture, and warmth to a room...
or even a porch swing.
Pillows convey a sense of comfort.
Inviting you to rest for a while...maybe even
snuggle with someone you love.
Share a moment together.
Share your dreams.
Say a prayer.
Sleep tight.
The Winter Wish Collection.
Made from 100% Recycled Woolens. Vintage buttons. Reverse side constructed from an old flannel shirt. As always...Old Maid New. Posted by Picasa