Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fun and Anxiety

The excitement is building as I prepare for a sister's weekend to Grand Rapids, Michigan to see Beth Moore in concert! Concert?! Well, to many (my sista Rosebud), she is the rock star of Christian inspirational speakers. The air is charged with that feeling that comes with a true getaway. Little signs are all around me...
Travel-sized necessities.Luggage...waiting to be filled last minute.
This outing has the feel of a spontaneous road trip on one hand (some destinations unknown) with a scheduled itinerary in the other. One thing is sure...fun will be had!
Confession: Going with a bunch of women will often put the fear of God in me. Let's face it, it's not like going on vacation with my boys who care less about clothes, hair, etc... Yes, they are my sisters, but first and foremost, they are women!
My poor mom is usually mortified when she catches me in my braids and headband while out and about town...my favored hairstyle as of late.
Hence, the dreaded hair appointment!
Getting a haircut has induced anxiety in me since I was a little girl. Probably a result of bad haircuts with super short bangs...thereby being confused for a boy until I developed breasts. Sadly, I was a late bloomer.
I've always related to Samson in the Bible. My hair is more than just hair, and when I cut it, I feel like an amputation has been performed on me!
I know what you're thinking...hair grows! Right? True for most. However, mine grows at a microscopic rate per month!
Thursday @5.
A real cut with style? I have photos in hand.
A slight trim. The chicken-out alternative.
Keep me in your prayers!
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It Only Counts in Horseshoes!

Bear with me as I postulate on an observance I have made regarding men and women. Keep in mind I am gleaning from my vast experiences with both sexes. It is said that men, as a general rule, are competitive by nature. Hence the impassioned spectating and participating in various activities that involve the managing of an object into a designated space...i.e., the b'ball into the hoop, the golf ball into the hole, the puck into the goal, etc. to exhaustion. Don't get me wrong...I, like many women, enjoy sports as well. In fact, I am a self proclaimed competition junkie. Ask anyone who knows me. However, unlike men, women are able to channel that spirit and transcend the field...so to speak. Men conversely, even after endless hours of "practicing" and honing their skills to pin-point accuracy, are apparently unable to parlay that knowledge into other areas of their lives.
That vital connection between sports and real life applications is somehow altered.
Exhibit A:
Shoes almost making the closet beyond.
Exhibit B:
Books so close to their shelves.
Exhibit C:
My personal favorite...underwear and socks just outside the basket...
every morning!
Exhibit D: Clothes on the floor...within 3 steps of the hamper.
Exhibit E:
Here's the hamper...
this shot has to get one point for the dangle!
Exhibit F:
Dog food that was carried in up to this point.
It stayed here ALL weekend...I admit to testing the group.
To see if I could out-wait them.
I couldn't.
It's home lies just beyond the door pictured.
Okay...have I convinced you yet? These pics were not a set up...
I swear!
I captured them all in a single walk around the house.
I spared you the toilet shot where boys have the worst aim ever.
Are you feeling me girlfriends?
Probably a condition present only in my home, I'm sure.
As I continue to ponder this state of affairs.
(OR , as my family who have become aware of this entry have reminded...)
It would be remiss of me NOT to mention my personal paraphernalia scattered about.
Somehow the "picker-upper" cuts themselves a break.
If you're like me you'll agree that
female "stuff " is so darn cute!
(I will provide pics soon and you can be the judge!)
Obviously, having a light moment on an otherwise dreary day!
Haven't they heard?!
Close...it only counts in horseshoes!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Do you remember making these for your mom way back in kindergarten?
I received this tissue paper/ stained glass vase for Mother's Day from Joey when he was five.
It got me to thinking...
With a few modifications...maybe...I could give an old school craft a new school look.
So, I set out to work.
The plan...to make a candle out of the finished project.
The glowing flame would enhance the stained glass effect.
It kind of worked.
What do you think?
I haven't completely given up on the idea...
I like it well enough to try something else that I have in mind.
I will share it as soon as I can.
Unfortunately, my mom will have to wait for this gift.
I always like giving her something handmade.
Obviously, a habit that began in kindergarten. Mom...
She is the BEST!
She still puts that smile on my face whenever we're together! Love you to pieces, mom!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Okay...I will admit to being a bargainaholic.
Never heard of it?
Here's a list of symptoms you should be aware of...in an attempt to self diagnose:
1.) Can't pass a garage sale without stopping...for a quick look. 2.) Usually find something you "need" at said sale. 3.) Never...never, pay retail. 4.) Favorite stores include Aldis, Savers, and Goodwill. 5.) You've made a mental note of special pricing days at above stores. 6.) You go in the store saying you're really only looking but you come home with two chairs. 7.) You have big plans for your purchase...a hypothetical scenario might be...I'm going to take an upholstery class...paint them a Shabby Chic white...a pretty floral print perhaps. 8.) You find yourself bragging about the low price you paid to whoever will listen. (By the way...two chairs and magazine rack cost only $11...total!) 9.) You convince yourself that after a bit of elbow grease you might double...triple...quadruple your investment! 10.) Reality...they find a home in the empty corner of your living room and are used daily...as is.
If you relate to even one of these points, you may be a bargainaholic as well.
Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.
Wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Downtown Delights

Downtown Sylvania Merchants Present...
Downtown Delights
Thursday, May 6th
Sorry for getting this out so late, but hopefully you're like me...
a last minute kind of girl.
Sometimes it just all comes together easier with less planning.
If it's anything like Holiday Happenings, then it promises to be a
"you won't want to miss it" event.
I recommend making it a girl's night out
beginning with a light meal at Chandler's Cafe
before hitting the shops on Main Street.
While browsing the shops be sure to visit
Old Maid New
at Harmony in Life.
My bottlecap necklaces are back!
Just in time for that easy breezy summertime mood.
Here are a few in progress...
The finished product. Unfortunately, the photographer
(that'd be me!) had a difficult time capturing their
true beauty...any tips for reducing glare?
Little treasures that have become a community project of sorts. Friends and family have been donating cool bottlecaps for the cause! You wouldn't believe the amount of unique beer caps I now possess! Thanks one and all for sacrificing for my art!