Friday, May 7, 2010


Okay...I will admit to being a bargainaholic.
Never heard of it?
Here's a list of symptoms you should be aware an attempt to self diagnose:
1.) Can't pass a garage sale without stopping...for a quick look. 2.) Usually find something you "need" at said sale. 3.) Never...never, pay retail. 4.) Favorite stores include Aldis, Savers, and Goodwill. 5.) You've made a mental note of special pricing days at above stores. 6.) You go in the store saying you're really only looking but you come home with two chairs. 7.) You have big plans for your purchase...a hypothetical scenario might be...I'm going to take an upholstery class...paint them a Shabby Chic white...a pretty floral print perhaps. 8.) You find yourself bragging about the low price you paid to whoever will listen. (By the way...two chairs and magazine rack cost only $!) 9.) You convince yourself that after a bit of elbow grease you might double...triple...quadruple your investment! 10.) Reality...they find a home in the empty corner of your living room and are used is.
If you relate to even one of these points, you may be a bargainaholic as well.
Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.
Wish me luck.

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