Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Downtown Delights

Downtown Sylvania Merchants Present...
Downtown Delights
Thursday, May 6th
Sorry for getting this out so late, but hopefully you're like me...
a last minute kind of girl.
Sometimes it just all comes together easier with less planning.
If it's anything like Holiday Happenings, then it promises to be a
"you won't want to miss it" event.
I recommend making it a girl's night out
beginning with a light meal at Chandler's Cafe
before hitting the shops on Main Street.
While browsing the shops be sure to visit
Old Maid New
at Harmony in Life.
My bottlecap necklaces are back!
Just in time for that easy breezy summertime mood.
Here are a few in progress...
The finished product. Unfortunately, the photographer
(that'd be me!) had a difficult time capturing their
true beauty...any tips for reducing glare?
Little treasures that have become a community project of sorts. Friends and family have been donating cool bottlecaps for the cause! You wouldn't believe the amount of unique beer caps I now possess! Thanks one and all for sacrificing for my art!

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