Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Not To Do...

Imagine, if you's 2 a.m....sleep is escaping you...your brain is in over-drive.
What do you do? If you're me, you go downstairs, brew a cup of Yogi Bedtime Tea, and sit quietly while sipping this calming tea...meditating/praying in an attempt to quiet your mind.
Normally, that is.
Not the case Tuesday night...or should I say Wednesday morning. I did the first step...I prepared the tea. Unfortunately, I also turned on my laptop (Big mistake) to research a few of the things on my mind...until 4 a.m.! Ever notice how completely insane you are at that hour? What seems important at that time seems silly in the light of day. Case in point...
So what did I learn at 2a.m.? How to decoupage lids on old junky jars. First you raid your stash of old jars. What...doesn't everyone have one of these?
Then go through your pile of paper scraps...newspaper, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper. If you don't have pretty papers you'll have to go to my sister Mary's house...she has every paper imaginable! Then head to design* for all the how to's. Super easy, super fun, AND a super site. It's listed under Paper Scrap Recycling.
I plan on using these jars for a hippie fragrance I like in candle making called Woodstock'69.
That's not all I found while you were probably (lucky you!) sleeping...another site...giver's log. It is loaded with gift giving and wrapping ideas...and it's set-up really nice. Easy to maneuver, even for the sleep deprived! While visiting this site make sure to go to the free Printable Labels...they are adorable. Or, if you're really can combine the two crafts for an organizing solution to your messy work station! Obviously, there is an up side to staying awake most of the night. Fortunately for you, I'm sharing my finds so you won't have to lose a moment of your beauty sleep.
Have a Crafty day and a Sleep-filled night.

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  1. Those labels are awesome! Can't wait to visit the site! You can stop by and raid my paper stash any time. Of course, that usually does require more planning than pulling it together the night before! lol