Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Montage

Sorry for my absence...the computer was on the fritz!
This is a photo montage to bring you up to date
on my comings and goings.
I call this Easter Break in Retrospect.
A dandelion bouquet!
Picked with love...from James. sweet...
More precious than roses.
Love notes...
Time for spring cleaning? Hmm...I wonder...
Kierstin smiles...just for grandma!
Working together as a family. It's true...fences do make good neighbors... especially pretty picket fences. Lazy cat. Duders enjoying the heat of a spring day. What a nice back-drop. Ramp building...step 1. Step 2.
Step 3. We call this homeschool shop class.
Notice the safety goggles.
Finishing touches.
Play time!
All that hard work pays off.
A stunt from an overhead angle.
Takin a breather.
Ain't he cute?
Check out the helmet.
No helmet? No riding!
What was mom doing while they were building?
Turning the soil and planting some lettuce!
I put that compost to good use.
Goals met!
Scaled in at 123.
Maintaining and having fun on Phase 3!
Thanks for being patient during this brief intermission.
I'm holding out on you...
I was also creating.
Check back soon for that update.
Thanks for dropping by.

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