Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cabin Fever

I sat down at the sewing machine yesterday to finally start work on my cabin projects took priority! As Christmas decorations slowly come down and snow continues to pile-up, it's time to surround yourself in warmth. The cabin collection...invites the outdoors in...pine cones in a basket, ice skates hanging near the door, a sled propped in the corner waiting for a ride. The cabin collection takes pleasure in the simple cocoa with lots o' marshmallows, snowy mittens drying on the registers. The cabin collection...making your home a place that works for you...functional beauty. These pillows were created with that thought in mind... I raided my felted wool stash and utilized every inch of an old, gently used flannel shirt...for the final result. The front of the shirt was used to make the opening for the flannel pillow form within...and the pocket holds fun "secret messages" for the family to pass back and forth...the first one has been provided to get you off and running!
This pack-o-pillows encourages you to nestle in for a good read or better yet,
a long winter's nap!
Surround yourself in warmth!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Favorite Things

Today I am featuring a handmade craft that I received as a gift for Christmas... a soft, sagey-green (it's a word today) alpaca wool cap, knitted with love...for me! When I went out to shovel the drive this morning, I donned the hat and looked in the was an instant transformation, I tell ya...
a twelve-year-old Jenny was giggling back!
It quickly climbed to the top of the one of my favorite things list and it just so happens it was made by one of my favorite people in the whole wide mom.
Thanks mom...I love you too!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Be Still

Be Still and Know...
May the peace that surpasses all understanding
fill your heart and mind...
today and always.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear friends!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Hipster

I'm a problem solver. Not in all areas of life, mind you, but with regard to designing, a problem often serves as the impetus I need to create new designs. PROBLEM: Holiday shopping with temperatures in the low 20's + winds nearing 70mph = wind chills that freeze boogers! Compound that with hauling packages to and from (I confess...early returns) your car, all while lugging a leather purse that refuses to ride on a coat-clad shoulder...Aargh!! Happy Holidays?! Well, I can't do anything about the weather and these crazy shopping habits are ingrained in my DNA (Thanks, Mom), BUT the irritating purse? Now THAT I can do something about! SOLUTION: The Hipster. A compact purse--made of recycled and felted wool--that rides on your hip with the help of a belt. I know the fanny pack took a beating in the "wear this not that" world, but make it stylish and drop it from the waist to the hip and...when I took it for a test drive --Saturday at the mall--it was the center of attention...not mine, I virtually forgot I was wearing it, so inconspicuous, but those around me...shoppers and sales clerks who suffer from the same dreaded problem saw the genius (ha ha) behind the design! Take a quick look inside... Roomy enough for all your bare essentials. Small enough to stay out of the way. The little denim pocket holds your cell for easy access. The Hipster is available at Harmony in Life OR contact me at
The fanny pack is back and better than ever, darling!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

O.M.N.'s Sirsasana Shirt

Hung by the chimney with care...
A row of sirsasana shirts ready and willing to assist you in your next yoga session.
When I dropped these latest additions off at the shop ...
Harmony in Life
a patron asked me about the shirts.
My first response was to ask her if she'd ever taken a yoga class...
A big NO to that one.
I then explained that the sirsasana is a headstand
and that in yoga you often work your body in ways that
your clothes can be a hindrance.
With the upcycled sirsasana you can keep your mind on your movements
and off your clothing because
the extended shirt grips at the hip
even in the sirsasana pose!
Enlightenment achieved!
That's Old Maid New...
and when you see this soft label
you'll know you're wearing an original design
that you'll never see on anyone but you!
Because you're special.
Be beautiful!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Roses Are Red

Roses, roses everywhere.
Roses in her lovely hair.
Three delicate woolen rosettes, grouped together
between two leaves
atop a wide black satin headband.
What little girl in your life
wouldn't love this adorable (and comfortable!)
accessory to complete her Christmas ensemble?
It doesn't get any sweeter than this.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Contact Me "Tutorial"

I have been told by those who kindly visit my blog Old Maid New, (I guess if you're reading this you are one of them, so thank you.) that when they have attempted to comment, they were unable to get through all the gooble-dee-gook! Rest assured...I'm looking into the problem. Until I work out all the comment glitches, it is now possible for you to contact me. I hope you enjoy this little "tutorial".
First, look for the Old Maid New logo in the right-hand margin. It looks like this...
Click on View My Complete Profile. On the next screen, you will see the category Contact. Click on Email where you will be able to type your comment, question...whatever you wish. Click Send, let the computer do its thing, and have been successful in reaching me. I will respond accordingly.
Thanks for your interest...and have a great day!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bundle Up

Whenever I went outside in the winter to face the harsh Michigan elements, my mom would say, "Bundle up". This is now my line when my boys go out to play..."Bundle up", it's cold outside and you best be prepared!
Now it applies whenever you hear/ read these words...

Here is a typical conversation at any neighborhood coffee house...

"I would like a tall, peppermint twist mocha please."

"Would you like whipped topping?"

"Oh...sure," said as if you'll try it that way...just this once.

"That'll be..." way to much for a simple coffee, but you've convinced yourself it is worth every penny.

You pay the exorbitant amount then at others in line...wait...check out the cute stuff they sell...wait...

"One peppermint twist mocha with whipped topping," announced loudly for all the patrons to hear.

You step forward..."That's me," said with eager anticipation. You reach for your delicious mocha...

Here it comes..."Be careful, it's very better grab a sleeve."

"No thanks," you say as you rummage through your purse, "I got it covered." Then you slip on the earth-friendly, recycled-woolen, flower-powered coffee cozy.

"That is soooo cute...I gotta have one....where did you get that?"
You send her my way...and don't forget to sell it with a smile!
Extreme cold OR extreme hot...bundle up your brew and protect your hands as well as your planet with a handy-dandy, reusable coffee sleeve!
Enjoy your day with a smile.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

In The Days of Jane

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife." --Jane Austen A truth that has stood the test of least in the world of Jane Austen! In 18th century England, it was traditionally believed as well, that if an eligible young lady received a kiss on the cheek whilst standing under the kissing ball, marriage would soon follow. Customarily, the kissing ball was made with holly and ivy, boxwood, small pine cones, and the ever popular mistletoe. Borrowing from a design I saw from Betz White, I've taken liberties with the classic design to create a timeless little treasure...delicate woolen rosettes, grouped together in the sweetest a non-traditional color palette. Be sure to hang yours in a prominent location where your Mr. Darcy is sure to pass. Might I suggest the hallway...the porch perhaps? Better yet, carry it with you at all times, as I'm sure Ms. Austin would agree, it is best to be prepared!
Now don't you agree...some traditions are worth revisiting...
May love find you this Christmas!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey For Thanksgiving

I hope your turkey was served alongside your many blessings, as was mine. With family gathered around the table...talking, laughing, and eating (of course!), it's hard not to recognize how richly God has blessed my life. In the midst of life's many worries or disappointments, how refreshing it is to take a whole day to pause and give thanks for all that has been given to us. After dinner, we engaged in a lively game of Scrabble...I swear I thought taze was a word! Well, no one challenged, and much to my oldest son Jacob's chagrin, it remained on the board...all 33 beautiful points! I'm only a little competitive, and I'm humble enough to leave the final scores to your imagination. On to Wii bowling...As a footnote, understand that in real bowling I average somewhere around 80. Well...check this out... Yep, I'm Gem...and Gem isn't too proud or humble to post her score on the web for posterity! 182! The best part of all...I got three strikes in a the bowling world, that's what's known as a turkey! Who could ask for a better day than that! I hope yours was filled with as many things to be thankful for! Blessings to you!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sweet Memories

The oddest things can trigger childhood memories. As I was designing felted wool ornaments, I was compelled to add embroidered detailing in a folksy kinda way. That darn blanket stitch gets me every time. Normally, I would get online for a step-by-step tutorial, well...I was at my mom's house and she had this great book for me to look through instead... Every stitch imaginable! Right at my fingertips! It's been a while since I've made a French knot, daisy stitch, or running stitch. No's all in the book. "Take it home with you." And I did! What fun!
And my joy ornament was created.
Last time I did this I was a kid...and a goofy one at that. I use to (and still do!) make many Christmas gifts for my family. One year I remember crocheting a huge Christmas stocking in bright green and red and embroidering Merry Christmas on top...Or the time I made my sweet, loving parents an embroidered calendar sampler for their still hangs on their wall today!
So many sweet memories...and then I saw this...inscribed on the very book I borrowed.
1980. Still at home with my parents. Still a kid in many ways, but feeling rather adult. Baby doll...skunk...forever and dad's favorite sentiments to my mom. Ah...sweet, precious memories. My dad's been in heaven for 2 years, but he's still standing right here next to me. I feel him everyday. Love you dad! Gotta tell a funny story (I'll make it quick). So, as I was making those ornaments, I decided to use a button to replace the "o" (so clever!). First JOY...then LOVE...then SNOW?! The next morning I laughed out loud (seriously). Memories again...this time taking an elementary school test...which one of these does not belong questions...JOY, LOVE, SNOW? And HOPE was born! A real duh moment. But wait...(and fyi...I used to do this on those tests) ...But I do love snow...snow brings me joy...JOY, LOVE, SNOW, and HOPE...somehow it works! Hanging on the bedpost, stuffed with organic lavender to induce dreamy sleep. Maybe dreams of a white Christmas...maybe dreams from your childhood...sweet dreams...sweet memories!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mark Your Calendars

My friends at The Harmony in Life/ Made in Sylvania Shoppe have been busy preparing for Sylvania's Third Annual Downtown Delights. All the shops and bistros along Main Street will be festively decorated with the sights and sounds of the Holiday Season. There will be refreshments, live music, wine tasting, raffles (good luck!), glass blowing, and lots of fun! Of course, Old Maid New has been busy as well creating unique items for your home and for gift giving. There are 100% all natural soy candles in recycled tea tins, with fragrances like Hot Cinnamon Spice and Lumberjack that are sure to create an ambiance of winter wonderland to your home; Up-cycled denim aprons make a great gift for any chef on your list...tuck wooden spoons, spatulas, and a favorite recipe in the pockets OR better yet, treat yourself to an adorable apron to wear while preparing your family's holiday meals; Funky bottle-cap jewelry...little wearable pieces of art...perfect for stuffing those stockings that are hung by the chimney with care; Altered one-of-a-kind clothing that is sure to get "oohs and ahhs" from the lucky recipient; Give the gift of warmth with my felted wool line of hats, mittens, headbands, and legwarmers; Dress your home for the holidays with kissing balls, tussie-mussies, comfy cabin pillows and so much more. Consider this your personal invitation to an evening filled with Holiday Cheer. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Move Over Jane Fonda

Maybe I'm dating myself, but who can forget Jane's (yeah...we're on a first name basis:)!) workout videos of the 80's? Tight leotards...big hair...and those leg warmers! Some fashions should never be revisited again! Do I hear Amen!?
Leotards? No way!
Big hair? Forget about it!
Legwarmers? Hmmmm... Let me think about that one...
Updated and Repurposed!
These legwarmers are made of 100% recycled wool and the felting process means they are super-duper's like the itchiness has been washed away. They are super-duper warm and super-duper cute too! This pair is trim fitted and can be worn under bootleg jeans.
For those of us who adore the slip-on-clog-style shoe and who love naked toes all year long...they are ideal!
If you are a fan of the Wellington boot...
these are great for some extra insulation and long enough to be worn like a boot topper (pics soon!).
If you want to wear them
before / after exercise...well,
that's your prerogative.
But no one can pull that look off like Jane can. (If you have her #...please pass it on so I can send her a pair!)
The New Legwarmer...
However you wear them...
under jeans, over boots, funky with a dress...
Make them yours!
New styles are available every day at Harmony in Life
in Sylvania, Ohio.
contact me!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


How many of you, like me, are still holding on to some of those cropped t-shirts that, flattering or not, expose your belly button with the slightest movement? I know I'm not alone when I say how relieved I am to finally see that fad fade far, far into oblivion! Still, some of them had really awesome graphics and they were hard to say good-bye to. Well, say hello to the Stay-Put Yoga Shirt.
Take that cropped tee and pair it with the I-just-never-really-liked-the-color-on-me tee and you've got a shirt that will see you through any yoga class without any embarrassing moments. I don't care what yoga pose you toss at it...down-facing dog...plough...headstand...the Stay-Put Shirt will keep you out of any compromising position! I put this one through the rigors of a yoga class and let me tell you, this shirt isn't going anywhere except where you want it. Those of you who have taken a class or two know what I'm talking about. No more playing peek-a-boo. No more gaping clothing. No more riding up or sliding down. Ingenious!
Plus, the upper portion of shirt #2 was made into what I call a Savasana Shrug...a little more coverage for your warm-up and cool-down to help keep your body temp constant.
The tri-colored shrug with sleeve detailing offers just the right amount of warmth you need before and after your work-out. The strikes a balance between practical and fashionable. If that wasn't enough, the shirt can be worn down, without the pants and voila! you have a Take-Two dress that is perfect for a fun evening out. I lost count...let's recap. 1 cropped tee + 1 rarely worn tee = 3 great looks that aren't only one-of-a-kind, but are 100% wearable. Now I ask you...shouldn't your wardrobe fit not only your body but your lifestyle as well? Makes perfect sense to me.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It Takes Two

I don't know about you, but the t-shirt is a staple in my wardrobe...soft, stretchy cotton that always feels good. Unfortunately, styles come and go so quickly in the t-shirt world, so why not be the trend setter? This tomboy dress is a designer original without the hefty price tag. Two tees that had somehow been demoted to the back of my drawer come together for one fabulous look. Sleeve and neckline detailing give it a modern look and feel. Ultra cool and the ultimate in'll almost forget you're wearing a dress. I'm a BIG fan of Amy Butler, and when I saw her puzzle tees, I decided to really rock and roll with the concept (as you'll see in upcoming posts!). Old t-shirts given new life...that's the very heart of Old Maid New!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Texting Gloves

Those cold winds just keep on blowing, but they won't slow me down. I keep repeating the mantra, "Every year there's an Indian Summer"...but I'm still waiting for those precious few days of warmth so I can finish some outdoor projects. Break it to me gently...Did the Farmer's Almanac mention 2009 as the first year without one? Ah least my hands will be warm and my fingers free to get some of those jobs done. These fingerless texting gloves are made of 100% recycled, felted wool that feel fantastic. The secret? I've heard it said that seams on the inside were a design flaw and I wholeheartedly agree! So whether you are raking leaves or texting a friend, your hands will stay warm and look good in the process. Peace 2 U.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thinking Warm Thoughts

There's no denying it...oh, and believe me I've tried. The calendar said it was so, but it wasn't until the other morning when a cold wind slapped me in the face that I had to come to terms with it. Autumn had arrived. I hear people say how fall is their favorite time of year...the changing colors, the cooler temperatures, the comfort foods. Me? Give me summer any day. Long, lazy days of daylight well past 9pm, warm beautiful sunshine, wild flowers of every color along the road. Why, oh why does Mom always have to be right..."summers go by faster the older you grow." Bummer! A favorite movie line seems appropriate at this moment. "I never look back, detracts from the now." Quiz time...can you name the movie? Keep reading! I will admit, Autumn does have its appeal. In the now I will embrace this season, which will be brief, as it ushers in winter. I will have enjoyed long hikes in the woods to view the changes, gone to an apple orchard...nothing like a fresh picked Golden Delicious, decorated my home with mums and pumpkins, sat around the outdoor fireplace with my family to enjoy s'mores some more. I have even succumbed to making comfort foods. A new favorite...chicken and noodles served over mashed potatoes...carb heaven, or as my husband calls it "heaven in a bowl". (I will share the recipe in the near future!)
Okay...moving forward...
Check out that hat...felted wool, seams on the outside soft on the in, fun colors and a pom-pom made for adults. Keep your ears warm for when that cold wind blows through your neck of the woods. And remember...
Embrace the Now!
Movie Trivia: The Incredibles!
Let me know if you guessed it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Throw Pillow

I've heard it said that one of the cheapest ways to redecorate a room is to paint it. I beg to differ. Have you priced a gallon of paint lately? Ouch!!
Throw pillows are not only an inexpensive way to introduce a new color to any room, they also add an instant "lived-in" appeal.
These denim beauties convey a homeyness with their mix and match patterns, and yet when grouped together, they also add a touch of luxury that invites you to curl-up and settle in for some real comfort.
This set is available at The Harmony in Life/ Made in Sylvania Shoppe in Sylvania, Ohio. If you're in the area this weekend, you won't want to miss the grand opening!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Retro Messenger

Why retro?
Take a closer look at the print...large orange flowers...butterflies... groovy about a great blast from the past!
I found this funky print rummaging through an antique store while vacationing in Manistee, Michigan.
In a past 1960's life this fabric worked as kitchen, I still gave them window frames to peek out of for their time to shine in the spot light.
The bag was designed to accommodate notebooks--electronic or paper variety, folders, books, pencils, cell phone--you name it! I'm sure it won't disappoint. The long strap was made to be worn across the chest, giving the bag a perfect landing strip at the be, well...hip for school or office.
Now for the specs...the bag measures 14x13 and features reinforced stitching, top stitching, quilted detailing, full pocketed lining, and a double-button portfolio closure. Fun and function can live in harmony!
Speaking of harmony...this one-of-a-kind Messenger Bag can be purchased at The Harmony in Life Shoppe, found in Sylvania, Ohio, on Main Street. More info on this in an up-coming blog. Stay connected!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Whatcha hiding under there?

The secret is all mine.
This bottle cozy isn't telling and neither am I. Could be a Bud, could be an A&W root beer.
What's important is that my brew is lookin' cool while my hands are staying warm and dry!
This cozy keeps everything under cover...and the cotton blend yarn means it's super absorbent. That's not all! It retains its shape after each and every use...even after washing (for those fizzy mishaps). Just air-dry on a bottle and it's good for your next...what is it you'll be having?
Your brew never looked so cool.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Work Shirt Skirt

Line dancing anyone? I'm talking kick-up your heels, spin 'til your dizzy, and sway to the beat kind of fun! Pair this basic navy skirt with your favorite "t", dust off your boots, toss on a hat, and you're good to go. This altered skirt may have been a man's work shirt in a past life, but with the front kick pleat it says, now...I'm ALL woman! Go grab yourself some fun!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Baker's Apron

Real Chefs need real coverage...or so I've been told by a fellow vendor. While checking out my booth at the Farmer's Market, she asked why I only offered half aprons. Apparently, bakers make a big mess! Good question. New mission. A full apron with flair! It says...I may spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but I can look good doing it! This up-cycled denim number has front and back pockets to keep all your baking essentials close at hand. Plus an old shirt finds new life to really jazz things up. Baking never looked so good!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Market Days

There's nothing quite like it...loading-up the Jeep on Friday night, waking before the sun on Saturday morning, setting-up my booth while chatting with fellow vendors and early hanging my shingle and opening shop, I take on an entrepreneurial attitude. The American dream...being your own boss--without the overhead!! For me, this is where the fun part begins. Talking, laughing, and selling (of course!) means good times. So...if you're ever in Temperance Michigan, mosey on over to The Farmer's Market on Lewis Avenue just north of Temperance Road. Open every Saturday through October from 8a.m.-noon. We'll share some stories! Mention my blog and I'll throw in a smile!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's in The Bag!

Wallet? Check. Cell phone...lipstick...SPF? Check. Coffee Beanie...fabric swatches...pen and scribble pad? Check. Coupons...Sunglasses? Check and check! Looks CAN be deceiving! This small drawstring bag measures 10x12 and is plenty big enough to carry all of life's little "can't-leave-home-without-'ems"...and then some! Featuring re-purposed denim, contrasting fun fabrics, kelly green lining (made from an old work shirt that still had some life), an inside pocket, and cute to boot! The Small Draw is sure to brighten the grayest of days!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Flower Power

When my sister Tina is around, her stack of cool books and magazines is never far behind. On our last visit, as we were flipping through the pages oohing and aahing (our idea of a good time), I found a picture of a posy and I was smitten. With a few tweaks and adjustments, I made it my own. It is my opinion that everything looks better when adorned with a flower.
Enter the Posy Purse. Re-purposed denim (no kidding, there were holes in the knees!) at its sweetest. A one-of-a-kind original that strikes a balance between too big and too's just right!
The attention to detail didn't stop at the hand-stitched posy...This fully (pretty fabric) lined purse features an inside denim pocket (sized to hold your cell phone and lipstick), a magnet closure, reinforced stitching, top-stitching, and a frayed flap to keep its genuine denim appeal.
Be forewarned...when carrying this purse you are bound to attract bumble bees and butterflies!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


While visiting beautiful Italy...I discovered (among many other things) the perfect meal. It all begins with a cheap bottle of red wine, paired with crusty little loaves of bread, topped with your favorite cheese...did I already mention the vino?! This Picnic-For-Two tote will accommodate your outing because this meal is best served under a Mediterranean blue sky. An up-cycled, flannel-lined denim bag that is tough enough to hold two bottles of wine (if you dare!). The large front pocket is just the right size for the corkscrew, cheese slicer, and two napkins. When not in use, it conveniently folds flat to stash where you will use it the most. A perfectly romantic gift for a bridal shower or that special anniversary. But remember...spontaneity is best accomplished when fully prepared! Always carry a blanket in your vehicle for just such an occasion as this. Buon Appetito!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Garden Aprons

Do you like to garden? Now you can garden in style with my repurposed denim garden aprons. This apron has plenty of pockets and loops to keep your garden tools handy. It also makes a great gift for a gardening friend...fill the pockets with some seed packets, flower bulbs, gardening soap, garden gloves and hand lotion. This apron also makes a great tool belt for any crafter!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bottle Caps and Coffee Cups

My coffee beanies will protect your hands from hot and cold cups...and they look so darn cute, too! My bottle cap necklaces are a fun addition to your wardrobe, and a great conversation starter, too! Each necklace is a hand-crafted original piece of art.

Why Soy?

Soy candles are clean-burning, unlike petroleum based candles. When you purchase a soy candle, you are also helping American farmers! My hand-poured candles are sold in a variety of sizes and scents. I pour these candles in recycled and tea tins, jam jars, mason jars, tea cups. These candles throw a wonderful fragrance in your home, and they make a lovely gift, too! I also offer custom candle me about crafting a new candle in your old containers!

Welcome to Old Maid New!

What is Old Maid New? It's simple! Old Maid New is the concept of reusing, repurposing, and reinventing everyday objects and giving them new life. I take discarded items that might otherwise end up in a landfill and turn them into something beautiful for you and your home. Here are just a few of my featured denim products: Repurposed Denim Aprons Denim Hats and Yoga Mats