Friday, July 17, 2009

Flower Power

When my sister Tina is around, her stack of cool books and magazines is never far behind. On our last visit, as we were flipping through the pages oohing and aahing (our idea of a good time), I found a picture of a posy and I was smitten. With a few tweaks and adjustments, I made it my own. It is my opinion that everything looks better when adorned with a flower.
Enter the Posy Purse. Re-purposed denim (no kidding, there were holes in the knees!) at its sweetest. A one-of-a-kind original that strikes a balance between too big and too's just right!
The attention to detail didn't stop at the hand-stitched posy...This fully (pretty fabric) lined purse features an inside denim pocket (sized to hold your cell phone and lipstick), a magnet closure, reinforced stitching, top-stitching, and a frayed flap to keep its genuine denim appeal.
Be forewarned...when carrying this purse you are bound to attract bumble bees and butterflies!

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