Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bundle Up

Whenever I went outside in the winter to face the harsh Michigan elements, my mom would say, "Bundle up". This is now my line when my boys go out to play..."Bundle up", it's cold outside and you best be prepared!
Now it applies whenever you hear/ read these words...

Here is a typical conversation at any neighborhood coffee house...

"I would like a tall, peppermint twist mocha please."

"Would you like whipped topping?"

"Oh...sure," said as if you'll try it that way...just this once.

"That'll be..." way to much for a simple coffee, but you've convinced yourself it is worth every penny.

You pay the exorbitant amount then at others in line...wait...check out the cute stuff they sell...wait...

"One peppermint twist mocha with whipped topping," announced loudly for all the patrons to hear.

You step forward..."That's me," said with eager anticipation. You reach for your delicious mocha...

Here it comes..."Be careful, it's very better grab a sleeve."

"No thanks," you say as you rummage through your purse, "I got it covered." Then you slip on the earth-friendly, recycled-woolen, flower-powered coffee cozy.

"That is soooo cute...I gotta have one....where did you get that?"
You send her my way...and don't forget to sell it with a smile!
Extreme cold OR extreme hot...bundle up your brew and protect your hands as well as your planet with a handy-dandy, reusable coffee sleeve!
Enjoy your day with a smile.

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