Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cabin Fever

I sat down at the sewing machine yesterday to finally start work on my cabin projects took priority! As Christmas decorations slowly come down and snow continues to pile-up, it's time to surround yourself in warmth. The cabin collection...invites the outdoors in...pine cones in a basket, ice skates hanging near the door, a sled propped in the corner waiting for a ride. The cabin collection takes pleasure in the simple cocoa with lots o' marshmallows, snowy mittens drying on the registers. The cabin collection...making your home a place that works for you...functional beauty. These pillows were created with that thought in mind... I raided my felted wool stash and utilized every inch of an old, gently used flannel shirt...for the final result. The front of the shirt was used to make the opening for the flannel pillow form within...and the pocket holds fun "secret messages" for the family to pass back and forth...the first one has been provided to get you off and running!
This pack-o-pillows encourages you to nestle in for a good read or better yet,
a long winter's nap!
Surround yourself in warmth!

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