Sunday, January 3, 2010


Another featured favorite...a handmade gift from my sweet sister "Rosebud"...this one comes with a little story attached.
Yes, I know that Dickens coined the phrase, but one Christmas Eve me and my sister Mary used and abused it! Don't ask me why...but we blurted it out periodically throughout the evening...well...because it's rather fun to say in an Old World kind of way and its sentiment...timeless.
Last year, I had a little more fun with it. After the Christmas Eve service, I stepped out into the church parking lot...safely surrounded by winter darkness (6pm)...all was quiet and magic was in the air...and I couldn't contain it, I was just bubbling over with excitement, and out it came..."God Bless us, Everyone!" Shouted quite loudly, I'm proud to admit. My teenage son was mortified..."Mom, get in the car!" You had to hear the panic in his voice to really appreciate the moment. He was on damage control, quickly corralling his insane mother. Don't you just love doing things like that to your kids...I know I do! Although I'm sure my sister thought of our quotable Christmas as she stitched every beautiful stitch, I felt this was the moment to let it shine. Is there a more appropriate New Year's sentiment...I don't think so.
And I will say it again, loudly for all to hear...Thanks sis!

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