Thursday, December 10, 2009

O.M.N.'s Sirsasana Shirt

Hung by the chimney with care...
A row of sirsasana shirts ready and willing to assist you in your next yoga session.
When I dropped these latest additions off at the shop ...
Harmony in Life
a patron asked me about the shirts.
My first response was to ask her if she'd ever taken a yoga class...
A big NO to that one.
I then explained that the sirsasana is a headstand
and that in yoga you often work your body in ways that
your clothes can be a hindrance.
With the upcycled sirsasana you can keep your mind on your movements
and off your clothing because
the extended shirt grips at the hip
even in the sirsasana pose!
Enlightenment achieved!
That's Old Maid New...
and when you see this soft label
you'll know you're wearing an original design
that you'll never see on anyone but you!
Because you're special.
Be beautiful!

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