Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fun and Anxiety

The excitement is building as I prepare for a sister's weekend to Grand Rapids, Michigan to see Beth Moore in concert! Concert?! Well, to many (my sista Rosebud), she is the rock star of Christian inspirational speakers. The air is charged with that feeling that comes with a true getaway. Little signs are all around me...
Travel-sized necessities.Luggage...waiting to be filled last minute.
This outing has the feel of a spontaneous road trip on one hand (some destinations unknown) with a scheduled itinerary in the other. One thing is sure...fun will be had!
Confession: Going with a bunch of women will often put the fear of God in me. Let's face it, it's not like going on vacation with my boys who care less about clothes, hair, etc... Yes, they are my sisters, but first and foremost, they are women!
My poor mom is usually mortified when she catches me in my braids and headband while out and about town...my favored hairstyle as of late.
Hence, the dreaded hair appointment!
Getting a haircut has induced anxiety in me since I was a little girl. Probably a result of bad haircuts with super short bangs...thereby being confused for a boy until I developed breasts. Sadly, I was a late bloomer.
I've always related to Samson in the Bible. My hair is more than just hair, and when I cut it, I feel like an amputation has been performed on me!
I know what you're thinking...hair grows! Right? True for most. However, mine grows at a microscopic rate per month!
Thursday @5.
A real cut with style? I have photos in hand.
A slight trim. The chicken-out alternative.
Keep me in your prayers!
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