Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It Only Counts in Horseshoes!

Bear with me as I postulate on an observance I have made regarding men and women. Keep in mind I am gleaning from my vast experiences with both sexes. It is said that men, as a general rule, are competitive by nature. Hence the impassioned spectating and participating in various activities that involve the managing of an object into a designated space...i.e., the b'ball into the hoop, the golf ball into the hole, the puck into the goal, etc. to exhaustion. Don't get me wrong...I, like many women, enjoy sports as well. In fact, I am a self proclaimed competition junkie. Ask anyone who knows me. However, unlike men, women are able to channel that spirit and transcend the to speak. Men conversely, even after endless hours of "practicing" and honing their skills to pin-point accuracy, are apparently unable to parlay that knowledge into other areas of their lives.
That vital connection between sports and real life applications is somehow altered.
Exhibit A:
Shoes almost making the closet beyond.
Exhibit B:
Books so close to their shelves.
Exhibit C:
My personal favorite...underwear and socks just outside the basket...
every morning!
Exhibit D: Clothes on the floor...within 3 steps of the hamper.
Exhibit E:
Here's the hamper...
this shot has to get one point for the dangle!
Exhibit F:
Dog food that was carried in up to this point.
It stayed here ALL weekend...I admit to testing the group.
To see if I could out-wait them.
I couldn't.
It's home lies just beyond the door pictured.
Okay...have I convinced you yet? These pics were not a set up...
I swear!
I captured them all in a single walk around the house.
I spared you the toilet shot where boys have the worst aim ever.
Are you feeling me girlfriends?
Probably a condition present only in my home, I'm sure.
As I continue to ponder this state of affairs.
(OR , as my family who have become aware of this entry have reminded...)
It would be remiss of me NOT to mention my personal paraphernalia scattered about.
Somehow the "picker-upper" cuts themselves a break.
If you're like me you'll agree that
female "stuff " is so darn cute!
(I will provide pics soon and you can be the judge!)
Obviously, having a light moment on an otherwise dreary day!
Haven't they heard?! only counts in horseshoes!

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