Monday, December 5, 2011

A Beautiful Mess

My Kitchen and Dining Room
are very busy places these days.
These precious days before Christmas.
From Planning Projects to
Finished Gifts...
the many stages are spread across
my work surfaces...
also known as the dining room table and
kitchen counter.
Finding I have to
shift piles to make room for dinner.
Necessary supplies arrive
just in the (Saint) Nick of Time.

Even freezer space is needed for step 2 of my candle making process! Fragrances of Christmas surround me.

Frasier Fir...Christmas Memories...


on this particuar day.

The hutch is used as the

final packaging station.

A craft room can be such a lonely place...

don't you think?

The world is my craft room!

The elfing has fully



  1. Looks like a wonderful project to embark on. I so wish I had the patience to do this :P

  2. busy days, it looks like!
    love the candles. Can't wait to see a photo of them when they are finished!

  3. Funny, but the same thing happens in my house! I try to keep it all to my office/craft studio, but invariably it makes its way onto the dining room table! We're busy little elves! love you!