Thursday, August 23, 2012

wacky wednesday

"It all began with a shoe on the wall.
 A shoe on the wall
shouldn't be there at all.
Then I looked up
and I said
"Oh, man!"
And that's how
wacky Wednesday began..."
for Theo. LeSieg
mine began in the garden...
Grandma Jenny...
picking tomatoes with her two
favorite little girls.
Who composed a song
that contained the line...
"We pick the reds...
not the greens."
All sang along.
"Always, always,
wash before we eat."
We went inside and I said
by cracky...
two more things are
very wacky!

An enameled pot
that contained
receipts was discovered!
( back in our Dave Ramsey days...ahem...)
A treasure.
Let's get the crayons out
and color each
one-hundred of them.
Why not?

Tatted up...
clip board ready...
let the coloring commence.

I went to the kitchen and
I said, "Hey!"
Three more things were wacky today.

Peanut butter and homemade
jelly sandwiches...
salty chips that Kierstin
found were yummy to lick...

Kaylee smiling
while saying
I know...
let's light the candle!
Pretty please...
Again, why not?

Let's sing
happy birthday to me...
and I will blow it out.
That was soooo fun...
let's do it again...
Not so close.
Park time?

follow me...
look at this...
drink please.

Then a real wacky thing...
camera shy Kierstin
telling grandma to...
take a picture
me on the tire swing!
wacky Wednesday was done...
Grandma made dinner,
met with women at church,
and went to bed...
with dreams of
Kierstin and Kaylee
dancing in her head...
oh, yeah...
that's another story.
Footnote: Wacky Wednesday
by ,
Theo. LeSieg
is our book of choice right now...
highly recommended!

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