Wednesday, August 22, 2012

90 / 10

A 90/10 Vegan.
After being a full on vegan
for a month
something miraculous happened...
I no longer needed to
take Allegra D every day
of my life.
A savings of fifteen dollars
every ten days.
My suspicions
told me dairy was the culprit.
Now I love my dairy...
ice cream, colby-jack cheese,
But I noticed each time
I consumed them I would
get phlegmy and
start coughing to
clear it all away...

So after my 30-day journey
I began introducing things
my first meal back (LOL)
was a Burger King meal...
no joke.
I won't lie...
it tasted
Next day...
back to the vegan way.
The reason...
I feel fantastic, energetic, and
on this whole grain...
 vegetable, legume... 
sweet fruit

Then why 90/10?
Meaning 90% of the time I practice
vegan eating and 10% of the time
I eat egg...
and thank you, Lord...
feta and parmesan-reggiano.
I read about this concept
and to me it just
makes sense.
If my body requires certain
vitamins and minerals
I would much rather get them through
the foods I eat than in
another pill to replace my
Allegra D.
I know there are die hards out there
who may disagree
but when I heard that your
body will stop producing the
enzymes needed to digest
any meat in food...
even broths...
the world felt small and confining.

You can no longer have a bowl
of soup at a restaurant
without quizzing the chef...
or you will have to pay the price
back home...
with cramps and...I will skip the
gory details...
you get the picture...
sorry to put it there!

(nice segue :)
At $1.50 a bag...
enough for three meals...
so $15 - $1.50 =
$13.50 worth of savings!
$13.50 to invest in a good quality steak...
or two tickets to a movie...
or better yet...
to bank!
I think I will continue
to invest in
it just makes

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