Wednesday, August 15, 2012

cabin cooking

Nothing like fresh air...
playing hard...
and apparently riding quads
to put the gang's
in overdrive.

My new little kitchen...
holds everything I need
and makes me realize what
I am able to do without.

I love challenging myself
when the cupboards are slim.
Throwing what's available
and seeing what happens.

Red skin potatoes chopped...
onion diced...
fresh corn off the cob
garlic salt and pepper...
browned nicely in olive oil
and covered to keep warm
and tender.

No lid?
No problem.
The cookie sheet will
double duty it.

Simple and delicious...
especially when served
along side...

charcoal grilled
to perfection.

s'mores for dessert...

followed by
a late night round of
full moon
corn hole.

Yeah, I have no idea what
happened there.


I did find one thing that was
missing from my
back home kitchen...

I remedied that when
I went to see my
sister in Indy and we stopped
at TJ Maxx.

That's right...
I went all the way to Indiana
for a non-stick frying pan.

We owned one years ago...
I forgot how fantastically they
fry foods...
without sticking.
And that quick clean-up
can only mean one thing...
 corn hole!

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