Monday, July 9, 2012

blogging breaks...

are a good thing.

they give one a moment to
see again
with fresh eyes
and new perspective

in essence...
and really bring
the world into focus.

to see

all that is happening

 to share what is seen
in a relevant way

not to mention
water the garden
and watch it
take a dip in a pool
that is (finally!)
warm enough  for human enjoyment

and so I enjoy.
and so I have broken away
to smell those roses
to hear the birds
to catch a lightning bug
to smell the perfumed air

to write a song.

thank you all for understanding

I am a firm believer
that one (me) possesses 
a certain  level of creativity
that requires
one thing
given full attention
(dang that's hard!)
at a time.

such a difficult concept.
(again, for me.)

today I will watch my
garden grow.

follow my lead.

it is happening.


it's all around you.

enjoy every minute of it.

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