Monday, June 3, 2013

take five

wandering the grocery store...

our Kroger is being
It boasts to be the 
"Biggest in the Tri-State Area"
Sounds great on screen
but most days when all I need is
some almond milk
I consider "wandering" part of my
daily exercise routine

They have stuff
you'd never expect to see in a grocery store
furniture (for in and out)
clothing (for in and out)
yesterday, they cleaned my earrings
for free...
there's a perk.

Magazines these days!

Every imaginable interest
has a mag companion
but this one takes
the cake

So I'm out gardening
near my private
God knows what under
my summer wrap

Puts a new spin on
always be prepared...
don'tcha think?

Moving on.
Made a dessert the other
just because.

All desserts
should be this pretty.
Almost a shame to eat it.
But I did.
A yummy recipe from Heather
at my 30 Day Vegan Workshop.

Being a vegan never tasted
so good.

What to do...what to do...
when your husband 
while doing you a favor
mars your freshly painted

Scream? (did my head)
Have a stiff drink? (considered it)

And no.
I'm not kidding.
While he went out
to do whatever it is he does in
the garage...
probably meditate...
I searched for 
5 minute meditations.
And found them!
Just like those magazines
I can count on You Tube
to have it covered.

Turns out 
I was in need
of 15...since I tried out
3 different videos.
One featured a female voice guiding me along 
with soft music...
but when someone tells me to 
focus on my breathing
I start to think about my breathing
and its hard to relax and let it all go...

had a calm (they're out there!) male voice
with nature sounds in the background...
again nice
but he did that whole breathing thing as well.
What up with that?

Mindfulness Bell.

I don't know what it was
about that bell
but it took me to 
my happy place
full of relaxation
and release
and forgiveness.

A wall can be fixed.
Accidents happen.

Get on with the important

highly recommended!

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  1. Ha! Garden and Gun! Too Funny! In some states (thinking of venomous snakes and such) the two might really be necessary! Can't wait to visit the giant Kroger the next time I'm in town!