Monday, June 10, 2013

cutting, eating, dancing, viewing, walking, eating (again!)

I cut my bangs with rusty
kitchen scissors

I just had my hair trimmed
but that longer bang
was driving me nuts!
Now I've got bangs
Enough said!
No picture provided.

to the rescue
I made some Thursday.
Hubby took the leftovers
and I was left with about 3 cups
of cooked macaroni only.

I needed my mac and cheese
I told you about my bangs...

Comfort was a must.
So I made a quick one-pot wonder
with what was in the frig.

The players.

Sauteed diced onion in 
1 T Earth Balance
made a roux by adding 1 T flour
slowly added 
1 C Almond milk and stirred until thick
1/4 chunk of the Daiya Havarti 
(jalapeno garlic) cheese
added the pre-made mac and heated


Really good.
Creamy goodness with a little bite.

I got to watch my girl
dance like no one was watching...

to a packed house!

That girl knew every step
arm movement
and wiggle...
and she wasn't bashful about it.

It's true when I say...
she was the best.

took me to the wall.

Walking with young men
reading the names of young men
who gave their lives for their country...
we started at one end
and as we walked
I said a prayer
included names of people
I didn't know
until I reached

Enjoyed the sites.

Enjoyed the fresh-fishy air
as we walked along the docks
and tried to 
name the countries
by their flags

Until our stomachs growled
for some
Spaghetti Warehouse.

We were downtown after all...

We were seated in the trolley!
My first time...
it felt like our own private
with a splash of sangria.

what did you do this weekend?

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