Thursday, June 20, 2013


Been visiting the 
site...(check out sidebar)...
where curiosity was piquing
in regards to
barefoot/minimalist footwear
approach to life and fitness

Shopping with sisters
landed me at The Shoe Dept.
where I found these babies.

Took them out for a 
test drive
early this morning
(thanks, Susie)
following a bit of online 
tester reviews
which recommended
wearing socks for awhile

Felt good.
Felt free.
Felt like a walking nerdista 
since I was so geeked-up 
about their maiden voyage.

Followed tips.
Yep...these shoes come with training tips
since many aren't used to 
the natural movement of the
foot as one walks.

Found my Bareform*
*aligned posture
*balanced mid-foot landing
with soft knees
*faster, shorter strides
with a cadence of 180 steps/ minute
(for runners).
I walked.

Follow those stickers...
all the way down to
A price that had me
at hello.

For some a grace period
is recommended...
giving your body time to adjust to
the strengthening of
unused muscles.
I went for my usual trek without
any  unwanted
side effects.
Could have something to do with
the fact that
after about 5 seconds home
they were off and I was
barefoot watering and weeding
and strolling around my 

I will keep you posted on this newest
purchase of mine and
give you a final report card
at the end
(dare I say it!)
of Summer.
Don't foresee any 
since it's walking...
as nature intended.

(Thanks, Renee&Damien@ FIMBY)

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  1. So glad you're enjoying your new shoes and at a good price too!