Wednesday, October 9, 2013

and so it goes

The shifting of the earth
the old-new angle of the sun

the cold that has you hitting the snooze button 
not wanting to leave your little
 under cover

the subtle changes
that give way to flannel

a bittersweet time

looking to the apple fritters and cider
remembering peach pie and iced tea
shorts and tank tops

swimming pools are stored away
rakes and sleds are nudged forward

the garden slows
tomatoes and cucumbers

give a nod to the
cabbage and brussel sprouts

summer's glory
autumn's splendor

the shifting of
the food we eat
the activities that fill our days
almost scrambling 
those things that must be done
that should have been done
in the warmer sun

wondering how I managed
so long without a cast-iron skillet
to scoop
blackberry pie
pineapple up-side-down
chocolate chip cookie
into a bowl
of gooey goodness
huddled under a blanket
giving way to
sweet sleep
while watching 
Modern Family
Mountain Men.

and so it goes...

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