Saturday, October 19, 2013

brief clarity

those moments of revelation
where a truth comes to you
like a whisper
that could be missed
 if you weren't fully present and tuned in
but this time
this time
 you hear

and you see clearly
what has been revealed
like any good student
you want to share it with others
those who may have already heard or seen it
it is new to you and you can't be quiet
this realization is too big
to hold onto

your joy comes from 
a truth
that could slip away if you didn't
sit with it
and give it time to 
be fully known to you
so that you can be
an instrument
stumbling forward
with mere words
to explain
that each breath you take
every song you sing
every seed you sow
every meal you prepare
every word uttered in love
the hugs 
the kisses
that which is made with your own two hands
at work
at play
scrubbing dishes
  cleaning toilets
accepting help from others
giving to those in need

the tears
the laughter
the very joy that started it all
has brought new understanding
that this life you live
each step of the journey

is the worship.


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