Wednesday, August 7, 2013

be yourself

Words of advice.
It's part of our job description
as parents.
The instilling and sharing of wisdom
that takes years
let's face it
we are still stumbling and learning ourselves.

When situations arrive
and we scramble
and pray
pray some more!
that we have done enough
to equip our child
for the road ahead.

As a precaution
we begin
the reiteration process...
just to make sure we have
done our job well
crossed our t's
dotted our i's
(thus far)

Somehow knowing we've done really well
and at the same time
screwed up.

Firm handshake
polite words
say thank you
stand tall
look who's talking to you in the eyes
you know the list.

Quickly followed by the
parental assessment process
voicing our concerns
and foibles
with each other
hoping we did something
right vs.
permanently damaged.

Hard core parental stuff.

just getting on with it...
life that is
our regular day
hoping to restore calm
put our minds at an ease.


After taking the garbage to the road
Rudy saw something
that he wanted me to see

It spoke to him
like a nod and a wink
that purple flower among all the gold
it spoke of individuality
standing out
not just standing among
being true to who you are
"being yourself"
because that person is
so freaking amazing.
It spoke to him of

Who is completely sure
and unsure
of who he is.

Secure and insecure.

Confident and apprehensive.

Typical and unique.

by a flower
in that the words we kept 
returning to...
be yourself
will take him far.

"Do not be conformed to this world."
Rom 12:2

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