Monday, September 15, 2014

hippie chick :: summer revival

Final weeks :: Capturing memories

and so it goes
the days begin to shorten
dew heavy on the blades of grass
 cool northerly winds do blow
the apple replaces the peach

and i look to the sky

with its low hanging clouds
colorful changes
a shifting has occurred
once again
sneaking its way into my heart
but not without

not without noticing
the few reminders
that linger

and inspiration takes hold
as i attempt 

to hold on

drawn from nature
 textures around me
hand crocheted doilies
passed on to me
(thanks, mom)

that beckons to get
macrame hammock

like tripping on a stone
catching my attention
purl bee
provides a way
for me to
hold onto a little longer
a memory

inspired by Margaret Oomen's
little sea urchin
crochet covered sea stones
or in this case
Lake Michigan
where the waves touched my toes
and the stones
called to be gathered

and came to rest
in my garden

until this day
when I took pearl cotton
and a hook
to create a wee holding basket

a little nesting spot
to house
the memory

and create a new one
as I chain along

enhancing beauty
giving it a second look
as it sits upon my desk
as a paper weight perhaps
in the middle of winter
a day at the 

holding on loosely
for it is
the ebb and flow
of the seasons
and i will find 
within each day ahead

but until then
i will revel in these
last days of

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  1. Lovely! Hey, Hippie Chick, wanted you to know that I recently switched to Tom's deodorant, and I like it so much more than the ole Secret! I also bought it for Sam, because who wants to coat a little guy with all those nasty chemicals? And yes, he needs it! LOL!