Tuesday, April 21, 2015

top of the muffin to you

i don't get it...
the defining of things

case in point
Old Maid New
a crafting
God worshiping place
to hang out together

one day
repurposing the next

vegan masterminding

throw in 
a wife's perspective
mother's club
homeschool woes and highlights sharing
grandmother's bragging


maybe i should
organize my days
where mondays would be dedicated to
house-cleaning tips
tuesdays : creating

if only

if only
my mind worked that way

blessed are those who do

like you
one day i'm listening to country
the next ushers in a need
for Seger
i go with the flow
or try to
letting my inner child
that whimsical butterfly
direct my days
as much as she can
but alas
 we all have
that prevent us from
fluttering off too far

and so it goes

today as i was making
banana nut muffins
from a whole foods workshop
topping them with my favorite stuff
~hemp seed love~
making a few small-sized
my little muffins
i thought of you

i could wait for something 
really special to happen
before stopping in
i could sit for a spell
while munching on one of these beauties
just say 

how's it goin'


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