Saturday, May 9, 2015

backyard forager :: dandelion leaves

the conditions were 
the timing
the sun
shining bright

who could ask for more

living on an acre
and a half
has its challenges
its rewards

i learned early on
that this family of mine
loves to play 
and they don't take it easy on the yard
badminton competing
croquet playing
Frisbee throwing
ball catching
dog chasing

it sees a lot of action

a pristine 
plush manicured lawn
is a thing
found only in glossy magazines
or a drive through
a nearby subdivision
where each yard is a beautiful
shade of emerald

pulling in my drive
i see another type of beauty
in the
weeds that tolerate the hot
August heat
keep their nice shade of khaki
intermingled with
bright green crab grass
beautifully self-maintained
without the constant watering
or treating with
necessary to keep the green

all that to say
my yard is 
au naturale
like me!

i've trained my brain to think of
the dandelion 
as a flower from heaven
my yard
God's flower bed
planting where He thinks best
who am i to disagree

God don't make mistakes

is there any sweeter 
mother's day gift
than a hand-picked bouquet
of dandelions
held by dirty, chubby little fingers
presented with
a big smile
and love-filled eyes

i think

this year 
i turned my attention
to their leaves

i watch enough survivor shows
to be dangerous
and now
after a little research
i know
i could live on these

when to pick:
before the bloom
when leaves are tender

where to pick:
where dandelions

what not to pick:
chemically treated areas
doggie dumping grounds

in other words

i need go no further
than my 
own backyard
(as well as front and side)
while dodging the dog kennel

with that
common sense approach
i went about the business

i hope you
enjoyed this
garden tour
as i went about a little
backyard foraging

stop back for
part 2
when i put these
garden greens
to good use

God bless the dandelion
manna from heaven


what does your 
garden hold?

1 comment:

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