Saturday, June 20, 2015

the way of things :: gazpacho :: sidebars

family and food
things that certainly
connect us all

good eats
good times
funny sidebars
that make your family
uniquely yours

here's a scenario that just might
ring a bell of

arriving home
after a full day at work
a grumbling stomach
and an empty fridge greet you
you could opt for carry-out
if you're anything like me
(sorry if this is the case)
you begin doing the math
breaking down the upcoming purchase
in terms of hourly rate
is it worth 3 hours of my work day?

like magic
the pantry and nature
speak to you

canned tomatoes
fresh parsley

boys who are willing to run to the store
for the missing ingredient
low sodium V8

armed with an idea
i begin the search for
the best vegan gazpacho soup recipe

funny thing
every time i google a recipe
i put "the best" in front of it
a little tip that hasn't failed me yet

taking me to 
oh she glows

toss all the gathered stuff
in the blender
and pop it in the frig to get cold
on a hot humid day

quick sidebar
in an attempt to save money
to get the family off the couch
and use that pool
i've declared this to be
(they love when i do this)
a summer without air-conditioning
except in extreme conditions
 (i needed an out clause!)
cool showers

don't know why i poured it all
into a soup pot first
maybe to encourage my gazpacho virgins
to think soup

to think meal
not appetizer

tell me
has anything like this ever happened to you?

as i was pouring the mix into the pot
holding the ninja spout open 
i heard a crack
and the two little plastic hinges
holding the little lid in place
popped free
and broke off

i could only locate one
leaving me to think #2
was in the soup


"chew carefully"
the savings i made wasn't worth
the cost of
future dental work

but good news
i stepped on it as i was getting
mug #2
cuz it really is the best
and told all to
eat free of fear

now normally 
i'd end my post here with a cute
this family of mine
keeps me laughing and i need to share the jokes

i love this one
maybe you've heard it

i can't tell you how many mornings
i wake to this view
some way
the boys in my life believe
this means dishes are done
i guess it's
the soak that counts
the almost but not quite since the 
water is now cold and the stuff has re-attached itself
requiring a second hot water soak

what up with that

then there's
 breakfast pancakes
i've heard there are those
who make one big cake with what's left
in the mixing bowl

not me
i'm onto them

them being my guys

with my gang it's the count
that counts
one is one
and two is
one more than one

one more to
fill 'em up

they keep me laughing

i keep them guessing

it's the perfect

gotta love it

BTW...i'm loving Stephanie Tourles Creamy Cocoa Butter Lotion for Face and Body discussed in the next post...keep reading and google it if interested in finding the recipe. It's available on the web...gotta love that too :)

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